Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday, March 29th

Annie was very calm today, and did well with her PT time with Debbie. Debbie said Annie is much stronger than just last week--in her neck control and in her hips. She still needs to get stronger in her upper torso/arm area. Something more to pray about. On the downside--she threw up tonight, and on Monday morning she did too. The formula we're using has more calories, is more dense, and we need to give it to her at a very slow rate. Hence, she's being fed virtually round the clock, which interferes with her PT. Anytime we speed up her feeding rate, she throws up. So--please pray that we have wisdom about continuing on this stuff or going back to the other. We are on a tight schedule of medicine, food, and rehab--and it's challenging to keep everything finely tuned.

But today was good, overall. Peter and I took Annie for a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. It was so sunny and warm, and Annie loves to ride in her stroller. Peter's new puppy, Bailey, kept Annie entertained as we walked along.

Thanks again for your prayers for us all. We are so dependent upon them.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continued updates on Annie. We have still been praying for Annie and the entire Sullivan family. Your in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Chip and Denise Masters

Aunt Rebecca (under water in OK) said...

Peter's new puppy, Bailey


Mix, breed, age, gender? Inquiring minds want to know!