Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday, April 27th

One of the things Annie's OT, Beth, wanted to see more of is Annie rolling to get from point A to point B. Today is the day she decided to do that. Over and over. Roll over here, over there, tangle up in the feeding tube, what's over there?, crash into the hearth, bang into the piano legs, roll, roll, roll. I'm going into the living room now to rearrange the furniture. :-)


PS--Look at the picture Bill posted.


Anonymous said...

It is super to hear of Annie's continued progress! Go Annie Go!! :) Pad the furniture, Jean... it's worth it tee hee! Love and prayers!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Roll over! Roll over! So Annie rolled over and we all shout: "Hallelujah!
Terri Whitman

Anonymous said...

Kiss kiss kiss kiss! I'm so happy to hear you're mobile again! Pretty soon Aunt Rebecca is going to buy you those shoes and we'll put them on you and prance around, and then I'm going to take you shopping for a new Princess Dress.

Cousin Becky