Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, April 10th

Miss Debbie came by this morning, and we went to the optometrist today. The doctor tested Annie's visual accuity--which is restored, and her eyes track in all visual fields. She may be missing a few "spaces," because sometimes she didn't fluidly track...but that may have more to do with her motor ability rather than vision. Either way, she can see, and that is a major PRAISE! We need to practice helping her eyes to work together at close range--when the doctor tried to move something close to her nose, she didn't cross her eyes together. So, we need to practice that.

Anyway--that's the news for today. Praise God for that huge part of her healing!



Aunt Rebecca said...

You are so right that this is HUGE!! Thank you, Thank you, Jesus. "For with His stripes, we were healed."

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

Now, to get some words out,,,

I love you Annie:) Its was nice talking to you the other day. I can tell you wanna communicate.

4 years old!! Yippee!

Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Praise God for answered prayers!

Coronacion Family

Anonymous said...

PTL! PTL!! PTL!!! For the good news on Annie's vision (and that I finally figured out how to leave a message on this blog!)!
Thank you so much for letting Olivia visit. I sure enjoy her sense of humor. I hope she had fun here and that Annie's party went well. Charly had a minor melt down in the car on the way home.............probably tired, and after Olivia let down. I certainly hope you guys did not suffer the same scenario with Olivia. Thank you for letting me bring her back Saturday morning. I had every intention of bringing her back Friday evening, but my hubby made a good call in having me ask to move the return trip to Saturday. I was definitely too tired to be driving.
Well, I just remembered that everyone on earth can read this, so I guess I'll stop now. I'll keep praying. Thank you so much for the updates! We loved the bd pictures! Love to all,
Terri Whitman (anonymously, of course!)

gretchen.hanna said...

Hallelujah! love, Gretchen