Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rehab Diaries

Hi all!

Bill here. Sorry it's been so long without an update. Annie continues to do well in rehab at Childrens and we're doing our best to hold things together here at home.

Progress is slow, but it is definitely there. Annie's learning to balance on a tricycle (with lots of help), taste different things, and begin to interact with her world. We're encouraged at the hard work all the staff at Children's is pouring into our daughter.

Please continue to pray for progress with Annie, that she would remain concentrated on her rehab, and that God would continue to do the miraculous work of healing her. Please pray as well for the rest of the Sullivans as we work through being separated through the rehab process.

Thanks, and God bless,



Anonymous said...

So thankful for the update, and praising God for Annie's progress. I am praying for all of you!!

Sue Powell

Gretchen said...

We love you all so much, and continue to lift you up in prayer. I know we all wish Annie would wake up tomorrow with her old princess personality and behaviors. However, I know God is working somehow. The verse about taking off one's old self comes to mind. Annie didn't have much of an old self, but God sure has been in the midst of all of this, and whatever self she becomes will surely be a fragrant offering to Him.


Anonymous said...

For some reason my comment did not post so sorry if this comes out as a duplicate... but just wanted to say Wow, that is SOME bear watching over Annie! I love the pictures; thanks for keeping us updated. Early morning (4:45) Friday prayers coming your way!!!

Sue Powell

Beth said...

Thanks for directing me to the blog, Jean. I didn't lose the scrap of paper! :)
It's nice to see pictures and keep posted on the progress.
Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Annie - I love you!!! It was WONDERFUL to visit with you this month:):) I look forward to getting to see you again real soon!!! I told Katie that when she comes again, I will come up there to see both of you:)

HOORAY for your progress!!! Jesus is healing you more and more each and every day.

I love you,,,

uncle jeff,,,