Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15th

Annie's sitting next to me in the dayroom on the rehab floor. She did very well today--no throwing up, and lots of good work for the therapists. She even tasted some yogurt! The therapist dunked her fingers in the carton and she put it in her mouth by herself. She also tasted crushed saltine crackers for the first time in...months!

We took a walk down to the lobby this afternoon, and the greeter there pointed to a huge stuffed bear sitting in the corner. "Would you like a bear?" she asked Annie. I guess it was donated by someone--so now we have a bear guarding the entrance to Annie's room. We should name him. Any ideas?

She's pretty pooped tonight, so I have to scoot. Thanks SO much for your prayers! Today was a very good day. Please pray that she sleeps like a log.

Love, Jean


Anonymous said...

That is super news, Jean! Yay!! It is wonderful that she is starting to eat and that she did so well her first day back in rehab! We will keep up the prayers and hmmmm.... yah we have to think up a name for that bear!!! :)

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

WOW! Finally in rehab!! We are thrilled for you and for the progress that lies ahead.Make sure she gets some recreational therapy in her day too...or that the parents do! :)
Thanking God for making this next step a reality.
Will call to set up a visit...this Sunday?Miss you!
Love you tons!
Kim and clan

Gretchen said...

Go Annie! Go Annie! You could always name the bear "Angel" or "Cherub", since he's guarding her. :)

Praying and loving y'all.

Anonymous said...

name her beary like berry

Anonymous said...

What an encouagement and source of strength you are. did you know that you are that? People are watching you, listening to every word you are saying. Even in your weakness God is using you for a Wittness to bring Him glory! You seek His face, ask for His strength for your and your family, desire to know His will in all that is going on around you. We see you, we know you are going through tough stuff and are in awh of your desire to please God in all things. Thank you! God Bless you and may He bring a speedily (is that a word) answer your prayers. I am over joyed Annie is in this new program. I know it requires alot from her. It sounds like she is up to the task!


Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty exciting and promising!

hmmmmm..................a name for the bear? hmmmmm............
I see you've had some neat ideas already. It won't be easy picking.
Miracle...........all came to mind.
Also Angel and Guardian. And then there is Gladly as in "Gladly the Crosseyed Bear" (a child's version of: "Gladly the Cross I'd Bear".
Have fun picking. Promise? (pun intended) ha!
Terri Whitman