Monday, June 25, 2007

The best-laid plans... see the opthamologist this Monday morning at 9 AM were thwarted by a Sunday evening visit to the ER. Annie's g-tube site became of concern to us when the skin around it turned a bright shade of red, and she developed a slight fever. By 1:30 AM this morning, we had given her the first dose of an antibiotic, and were finally getting everyone to bed. I couldn't bring myself to set the alarm for 5:30 to get ready and to get HER ready for the eye doctor, so we rescheduled for the next available appointment---in September. D'oh. But we did get down to Children's for some visits with Annie's rehab friends, and to get another EEG. The results of the EEG--besides the Christopher Lloyd hairdo--will be available tomorrow.

Andy went with me today while we made the rounds at the 'hostible,' as Annie used to call it. Andy--(okay, go ahead and ask the question why the heck Bill & I named one of our kids "Andy," and one of them "Annie." I never really thought of it until I they would both say, "huh?" when I called them.) Anyway, An-DEE is considering going into some kind of healthcare career beginning in his junior year of college next year, so I have a ready and willing helper for these trips to Children's. He gets to ask everyone questions, and I get another set of arms--and a good conversationalist in the waiting room.

So I was talking to Andy on the drive home about the nurse we ran into today who said, "You're the one with seven kids, right?" "Yeah, that's pretty much my identity in this world," I thought. She said, "I prayed for her and God has answered--she looks really good!" I told Andy I wish I could read all the prayers everyone has prayed for Annie. But even if I can't, the Bible says that the prayers of the saints ascend as incense before God. (Rev. 8:4) I pray that YOUR prayers ascend before God, and that He review them periodically just as a reminder that I want Him to keep healing Annie. I am aware that the God of the universe could have prevented this whole thing from happening in the first place, and we could all sit around a campfire all night and wonder why He didn't.

But even Job said in the Old Testament that he understood that God can do everything, and that no purpose of His can be withheld from Him. So I believe that even though I don't understand all the reasons why God allowed this to happen, He IS at work. And although my (or Annie's) physical health on this earth can't be my only or main objective in living life, or even my only prayer--I do continue to pray that God would heal her, and I am so thankful that you do too!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jean

Ahhhhh the best laid plans! :) Hope everything is okay now with the g-tube site. How neat that Andy is interested in a health care career so has a special "heart" to help with Annie and is getting training even in such a difficult situation.

And even if you can't read all our prayers I feel quite sure God IS reviewing them over and over and in any case, we will keep on SAYING them over and over so He doesn't even need to look back!

I rejoice in your rejoicing even though I am sure it is not always easy to look toward the positive. Keep looking UP!

I am still sharing all the updates with my best friend in South Florida and also my friend in Everett whose church is praying for all of you!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

I didn't even finish reading your blog yet...good for An-DEE - what a wonderful thing, to want to get into a career to help others -- God does use things, doesn't He? Sometimes it is those very things that effect us most closely, that touch us most deeply, that change our lives -- and our direction, our interests, our drive and motivation.

Good for you, Andy. We'll pray for His guidance along whatever path you choose.

And, uh...Jean? No, your only identity in this world is not 'the mother with 7 children'.

Child of God
Blessing from God
Pastor's wife/friend/confidant
...and throw in throughout the mix all the other people to whom you've been 'friend'...

See all those things you were even before you had children? All of those things you still are. All of those things are blessings from God - Blessings to you, to your sister and the rest of your family, to Bill, to your children...and to all of us.

You are a lovely, blessed individual with 8 awesome appendages. Well, twelve if you count your own arms and legs.

We love you, Jean. And we continue to pray for you, Bill, your first six and Annie through all of this. And we'll just have to keep praying until God says 'alright already!' (And we will praise Him, no matter what -- or when.)

Be still and know that He is God. Rest in the knowledge that He is in control, and that His plans are perfect and work for good -- even (perhaps ESPECIALLY) when we can't possibly understand WHY.

May He heal Annie outright.
We pray that He would heal her immediately.
Though, if it is not His will, then we pray His grace and strength for you all in the meanwhile, and that He continues to be glorified through you.


Gretchen said...

Ummm...after Tracey's comment, mine looks sort of anemic. ;)

Let me just say that I treasure these posts and the ability to continue praying for all of you.


Annie Sullivan said...

I treasure YOUR posts & prayers, anemic or poetic!!


Tracey said...

Sorry, everybody...I need to reduce my iron intake.

Always too wordy. My apologies.

aunt rebecca said...

Tracey said "See all those things you were even before you had children?"
Well, some of us are here to tell you that we KNEW Jean before she had kids...
OK, so we won't go there :-)
Suffice to say that Jean has always been on God's mind
(a la Willie Nelson)