Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last day of June

The fireworks started going off last night--the stands must be open now. I just LOVE celebrating the 4th of July--for 7 days each year. I hope Annie sleeps through it every night--especially on Wednesday, when the neighborhood will erupt until about 2 AM.

Annie made some nice progress in the standing-walking department this week. We're practicing alot, and both her PT Debbie, and OT Beth, were impressed with her improvement. Her use of her right hand & arm has taken a jump too. It's great that her physical abilities keep increasing--in spite of the continued issues with her seizures. We're going up on the seizure medicine dose--pray that it works & that the side effects (sleepiness) go away fast.

I was reading more about acquired apraxia of speech--which is the technical term for not being able to speak. We're doing alot of things to try to prompt her to talk, but it's slow going. Please pray that God heal that part of her brain, and help us to know what we need to do to encourage speech.

I also was reading more about emotion returning after brain injury. One woman with a traumatic brain injury wrote that her emotion didn't return until years after her injury. Again--please pray for Annie's happy emotion to return. Thankfully, she can tell us when she hurts (by crying) or when she's mad, (by yelling)--but I really am anxious to see happy emotion.

So--good news on the sitting-standing-stepping front, but more progress needed on the talking-smiling-laughing front.

Always grateful for your prayers--


O LORD my God, I called to you for help
and you healed me. Psalm 30:2


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Anonymous said...

I am still praying also. So glad to see the continued progress, and hope you can see the happiness emotion kick in soon!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus,I stand today as a living testimony to your healing and I pray, believing in your name, that you would speak your word over Annie. Your Word brings life and I pray every part of this precious child would brighten and flare to life as your healing Word is spoken over her.
All Glory to God forever and ever,

Anonymous said...

Lord, heal my niece; love my sister and her family; keep your loving arms around them all during this time,,,

Thank you,

uncle jeff

Gretchen said...

Lord, Jesus, thank you for this family and for their faith in You. You are an awesome God, and nothing is out of Your reach or Your control. I pray that You would heal Annie completely, and thank you for the healing You have done thus far. I pray her progress would continue steadily, as an encouragement from You. I pray that her speech be freed; her emotions released; her body be strengthened. Throughout Your mysterious, yet perfect plans, I pray that Jean, Bill, Taylor, Andy, Peter, David, Jack, and Olivia receive Your peace which surpasses all understanding. May they rest in You, Lord. In Jesus' name, amen. (((((hugs)))))GJH