Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Check out the new pictures of Annie--she got a swing from cousins Grace & Aileen, and she's getting some help from brother Jack to swing in it. Or sit in it. She seems to have some anxiety about swinging right now, but I'll put her in it every day for a little more time each day, and pretty soon she'll be doing 360's over the top. I remember one of my other kids didn't like swinging. Or that's what they told their therapist. Anyway--swinging actually is very good for healing the brain, so a little at a time, a little each day. Thanks, Grace & Aileen--and I promise the next picture I post will be of her swinging AND smiling!

So--a few days ago I was reading an article written by a woman who suffered a brain injury when she was hit by a car at the age of 5. She said that after the accident, her family and friends would make remarks that made her feel like she was being followed by the shadow of a little girl who "used to be," and apparently never felt like who she was after the accident was ever good enough--either physically or emotionally.

It was good for me to read from her perspective--and it reminded me not to burden Annie with getting stuck in wishing things were the way they used to be--either in what I say or in any kind of nonverbal communication. I don't want her to feel like who she is now, or what she can or can't do isn't good enough. It's a tricky thing--because I DO want to do all I can and all I should to help her, while accepting her where she is today.

Okay--so she did her best walking EVER today down the hallway.


And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9


Anonymous said...

Jean, you write so beautifully, and I appreciate your sharing so much of yourself in these posts... and of how God is sustaining you through all these changes. I am sure your feelings are very normal in wanting your "old" Annie back, but you are doing a super job of doing your best to accept her as she is AND get her the very best help she can have to achieve all she can be! She has come so far! Super about the walking, and I am confident the talking is coming. Her expressions are definitely becoming more and more clear. Hang in there and know that so many of us are praying!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

(((just smiling here)))

God is so good to us. Life is good!

uncle jeff

Annie Sullivan said...

Yes, He is. I put Annie in her swing today, and we were singing "Kumbaya" like Grace & Aileen did when they were here two (!!) years ago. They taught Annie that song, and she used to sing it loudly everytime she would swing. She really seemed to really enjoy the swing today.


Annie Sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

Jean, thank you for reminding us also to be cautious of what we say around Annie.
I loved seeing you at the church today!

Gretchen said...

What's great about you, Jean, is that you have the awareness that wishing for "the old Annie" to come back can impact how the "new Annie" perceives herself. But I can't help but think that this is a normal part of the grief process. You did suffer a tremendous loss, and while Annie isn't any less Annie, not having the same personality and language in the same body is difficult for anyone. I don't think you'll burden Annie at all. I think you'll push when you need to push; pull back when you need to pull back, and trust God through it all. May your family always rest in the palm of His hand. Love, gretchen

Anonymous said...

God accepts us where we are today
in spite of where we were yesterday
or where we’ll be tomorrow.

What changes have we gone through
good, or not-so-good
and still He loves us in this very moment
the way we are
missing what He wishes we could have
having lost what He wanted for us all along
not yet being what He meant for us to be.

He loves us, in our every moment.
Whether we are miraculously right on track
or more likely horribly off,
whether we suffer from this trying world’s effects,
trudging through the mud and muck of every day’s struggles,
or whether we stand on the mountaintop to which He has led us.
He loves us. Exactly where we are, no matter where we are.

There are those mountains.
There are those valleys.
There are those dreams and memories and tears
and He loves her, through them all,
and we love her, through them all,
in spite of them all
because of them all
As does our All-in-all.

aunt rebecca said...

I love the pictures of Annie doing her various 'things' - especially when I get to see the "sibling units" :-) Jack - Was that a smile I saw?????

Thank you Gracie and Aileen for your very cool present! Now, you need to come visit Annie and sing with her again.

I can't wait to see all y'all in a couple of weeks...time flyeth.


Annie Sullivan said...

Yeah, I'd take more pics of the kids, but with the exception of Olivia, they are camera-shy. We'll work on it.:)