Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Annie's a little puzzle

We're still fussing with the nausea, throwing up, and gaggyness--going on since last Monday. Today we go into her pediatrician to try to figure it out. Her blood pressure is still high. The endocrine system is so complicated, and really, I think we need some tests (which she'll get today) to get objective evidence as to what might be causing all this.

Meanwhile, she's getting better at walking, and yesterday she did really well in her swing--swinging without much help from me to stabilize her. So, although she's not feeling on top of her game, she continues to make improvements.

Thanks for your prayers, and I'll give you an update soon.



Anonymous said...

So many of us have kind of adopted Annie as our own. We pray for Annie every day. And we know God's hands are tenderly holding her while she progresses in her life. God holds each of us as His own adopted offspring.

Here's an excerpt from a poem of "adoption"

God's Little Girl

Oh, little girl, your life was planned.
Right from the start from the Father's hand,
He fashioned your frame in ways so grand,
And loves you in ways you don't understand.

And as you grow, may you always know
The Lord is there wherever you go.
We promise to love you thro' all your days and hours,
But never forget, His love is far greater than ours.

Our Father's Son, He freely gave
And all who believe, He surely will save.
Oh, little girl, we're all adopted at so great a price,
But as God's little girl, you're adopted twice.

Paul W. Smith (excerpted)

uncle jeff

Anonymous said...

Whew, so sorry to hear of the backsets... and rejoicing with you in the progress! Praying through it all!

Sue Powell