Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More testing...

Good news today--Annie's blood pressure has been within reasonable limits since last night! And although the docs feel a lot better about controlling the blood pressure, they are still eliminating possible causes for it. So tomorrow Annie is getting an MRI on her innards to see how the blood flows around her kidneys, and to see if there's anything obvious that may be the smoking gun.

We'll be at Children's at least through tomorrow afternoon. If Annie does handstands out the MRI recovery room door, we'll be home tomorrow night. So realistically, we'll probably be going home Friday at the earliest. Also, she's been having little "drop" seizures recently, so we're going to be changing her seizure meds again.

Thank you for your prayers for Annie. She's sleepy on the blood pressure medicine, and so please pray that as we work through resolving these things that the side effects are minimal.

I'm looking over what I just wrote, and thinking--Annie sure has been through alot. Although she isn't communicating verbally, I imagine if she could, she might say how tired she is of all this malarkey. It's not fun being a pin-cushion for tests upon tests upon tests. And it's not fun to feel foggy because of yet another essential medicine. I really can't begin to tell you all the angles you could go to God on her behalf, but I'm confident He'll give each of you a particular burden for her. And I thank you again so much for remembering us in your prayers.


There is no one like the God of Jeshurun,
Who rides the heavens to help you,
And in His excellency on the clouds.

Deuteronomy 33:26


Aunt Rebecca said...

There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, Who rides the heavens to help you, And in His excellency on the clouds.
What an awesome scripture! Thank you for sharing that with us, Jean.

I am praying for my Annie Banannie...that she will have a HEALTHY blood pressure for her. No more seizures, drop or otherwise. Strength. Joy. Peace. No more 'side effects.' A beautiful day in Bothell with all her brothers and her mommy and daddy (and Olivia, when she gets back home :-)
And - I am praying for Taylor. And for Peter. And for Andy. And for David. And for Jack. And for Olivia.
And for Jean. And for Bill.
Do you know how many people love you guys?

Aunt Rebecca

Gretchen said...

Sending love and prayers for "normalcy". xxxooogretchen

P.S. I want to add my thanks for this scripture, and for all the others you choose in these updates. Even through this, God ministers through you. He is so good.

Anonymous said...

Sending more prayers... as always!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Annie!

Praying for a great day filled with peace and progress. May you feel God's healing presence surrounding you.

Aunt Marilyn