Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday evening...

I started to respond to my sister Rebecca's post, but as I was answering her question, I started to get long-winded, so I figured I'd just write in another post. So:

The Clonidine patch change was smooth as silk. God heard your prayers.:) Her BP is on the higher side of her "low," but I think it's okay. We've also been trying a new sleep med, but it doesn't keep her asleep, and it makes her drowsy all day. I think I'm going to ditch it. I have a love/hate relationship with drugs. I can understand people who just throw them all down the drain. (Don't worry, I'm not going to do that--yet.)

Changing the subject back to prayer, if you have a minute (or 30) check out our Sunday morning messages by Pastor Jeff from the last few weeks. Here's the address: They have been a real encouragement to me.



aunt rebecca said...

Dear Jesus, Who healed the one who was deaf and had a speech impediment - thank You for making Annie's circulatory system work right this weekend. Please help Jean to tiptoe thru all those 'meds issues' with wisdom, patience, and skill. Please help every one of the Sullivan's have a really good night's sleep. Thank You for Your rest.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers continue,

Our cries continue
until He heals our Annie.

- A persistent widow

Anonymous said...

Lord, heal Your little girl...

Denise said...

Praying for your precious daughter, may she be healed.