Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good things

And the answers to prayer this week aaaaare:

1. Lower blood pressure--it's been lower the last few days.
2. Normal electrolytes--so far, so good!
3. Head drop seizures--two today, one yesterday...keep praying. The doctor wants to see zero head drops for a month before we start weaning off zonegran.
4. Lots more facial expression--this is THE major answer this week. She is smiling, and her eyes are twinkly. This is a huge answer to prayer. She even grins when I say silly things, which is more than the blank stares I get from my other kids. Juuust kidding.
5. She is using her hands and arms more--but way more is needed.

So--some really good changes this week. But along with more happy expression is coming more screaming. I'm not sure why she feels compelled to crank up the volume, but it is hard on the ears. Again, please pray she nix the noise. The other thing we still need help with is SLEEPING. We really need some uninterrupted sleep. Is that an unreasonable request? I know some of you would like some uninterrupted sleep too. But, seriously, it's would be very cool if Bill and I didn't look, act and feel so pathetic in the morning.

Changing the subject a little... I'm starting to think about the holidays--which I have to admit triggers more melancholy than cheer at this point--so I asked the kids to come up with their Christmas lists. I limit the kids to three things, one of which they might see under the tree if it costs less than an IPOD or a cell phone. Olivia wrote something up pretty quick, and gave it to me. I thought, "Great, short list, probably means reasonable requests..." Then I read it: "Olivia's Christmas List: I want Annie to be healed." Hmm.


Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him. 1 John 5:14-15


Anonymous said...

May all our Christmas lists start with: I want Annie to be healed.

And may all our wish come true.

Praying continually,


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that ONE of your kids thinks your jokes are funny! :) Seriously... praising God for Annie's progress and continuing in prayer. Yah she could tone down the volume a bit!

Sue Powell

Gretchen said...

Sounds like Christmas came a bit early for you if you got a list as selfless as that. I'm sure there are many selfish reasons for Olivia to want Annie to be healed; but I don't think any of those compelled her to write that on her Christmas list. God is good. I'm always amazed at his ability to use a nightmare to His people.

Okay...I've hogged enough comment space. Sending love and prayers.


On another note, I'm so happy to hear about the improvements this week, especially in communication! When I worked with adult patients with brain injuries, one of the saddest parts to me was the loss of that twinkle in their eyes, so I'm very excited about that for you.

As one who can't.stand.noise. I'll be praying for Annie to lower the volume on her utterances. Tell her she's making Mommy's ears bleed and see if she laughs at that. Kidding. I jest. Really.

Gretchen said...

Um...does it strike you as weird that my last comment has jumbled paragraphs? Me neither.

Anonymous said...

Jumble them, Gretchen...

Anonymous said...

A twinkle is definitely a gift. Wow. I'm smiling. And she's smiling, too? Those are such precious markers of a healing journey. I'm grateful with you.

...And will continue to pray that she continues to offer you glimpses of God.


Anonymous said...

PS...and I'm wondering if you were able to get those digital photos of "things or people Annie might like or want" so she could pick a photo and lessen the screaming/guessing episodes??

Just a thought,


Annie Sullivan said...

Yeah, I need to do the digital photos--good idea.:)

Today, though, she was real gaggy, and threw up 3 times. I think it's the new seizure med that makes her nauseous. Pray for wisdom in figuring out what's causing it and what we should do.


Gretchen said...

Sorry about the gaggy stuff, Jean. I think a communication board would be great for Annie; especially if she has any accuracy with pointing, too. Digital photos sound like a perfect idea. That, and emotions.

I'll pray for a restful night, free of gi distress for Annie and for you all.

Annie Sullivan said...

The communication board would be something for her to try...she doesn't point yet. Her communication is mostly with eye gaze, and turning away from things she doesn't want.

Thanks for your prayers for sleep--she slept through the night last night, and this morning we gave her anti-nausea medicine before her truckload of medicines, and she kept it all down, and is back asleep now.