Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trial and Error

Do you recall Annie's incessant throwing up episodes I complained about a few weeks,months or eons ago I can't remember which? And how they resolved when we stopped feeding her at night? You know where this is going, don't you? Yes, when we started feeding her again at night this last week because feeding her at night keeps her asleep--the trade-off is that her stomach capacity somehow reconfigures, so that her 5 PM feeding always ends up on the carpet.

So, of course, last night Bill and I agreed, "Let's not feed her at night anymore because she's so gaggy/vomity at 5 PM." And, even though we gave her a little formula snack before bed, she was up at 1 AM. So I gave her another snack of formula at 1:10 AM, thinking that SURELY this will help her go to sleep. But NOOoooo. She was still up and down until 3:30.

So guess what we're going to do tonight? Feed her through the night. And then tomorrow at 5:00 PM, we'll have the bucket ready.


...Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. I Peter 5:7


uncle jeff said...

more pictures, please - we want to see some new pictures:):)

Gretchen said...

Does he want to see vomit pictures? What a good sport. :P

I agree, though. Non-emesis pictures would be good for the soul. Hang in there! You guys are such awesome parents.

Blessings. xxxooogretchen

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would say that is a wise choice to go with the sleep and keep the barf bucket handy. :) And yes! I want to see more pix too but you can keep the barf to yourself and spare us the photos of that. :)

Sue Powell

aunt rebecca said...

what's with the barf chat? If I could barf, I'd be skinny like Nicole Richie.
Annie...your aunt Rebecca loves you and doesn't mind your barf...I just want you to get lots of sleep and I pray that you'll get all better real quick like. And - you now have yet another group of folks praying for your healing - all my former colleagues and classmates at Biola! How's that for prayer warriors?

Annie Sullivan said...

So here are the pics--look below: One with Daddy last Saturday morning, one with Annie & Olivia in Olivia's shocking pink room--the colors hurt my eyes.:) And one with Miss Beth when she stopped by just to visit and help Annie practice the stairs.

No barf pictures...but I'll put the camera by the bucket.


Gretchen said...

Aaaaadorable. :) Thanks for brightening my day. xxxoogretchen

uncle jeff said...


I love you SOOOOOOooooooooo much:):)

I really, really do,,,

All the healing in the world couldn't make me love you more.

You are so very, very precious to me and HUNDREDS of others.

I just love you,,,,


uncle jeff said...

PS - perhaps hanging out in Olivia's "colorful" room is what is making Annie sick,,,,

just a thought,,,,


Annie Sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

Just don't put the camera IN the barf bucket.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Annie, your Uncle Jeff has a good point. Spending time in Olivia's room would keep ANYONE awake! Pepto Bismol anyone? :) But, hey, Olivia, don't let anyone's razzing bug you... you should have heard the comments I got for painting my dining room wall red. :)

Sue Powell