Friday, March 14, 2008

Ketogenic Diaries

The blood test results came back today, and the doctor and dietician recommend going up again on the diet. So we'll do a 2.5 fat to 1 carb ratio, and see how she does on that. Hopefully, it'll help a little to lessen the seizure activity. I'm still wondering what effect her Addison medicine, hydrocortisone, has on the effectiveness of the diet. Pray that it doesn't have any effect, and that the diet can work.

Meanwhile, she is still very sleepy and again, having lots of seizures throughout the day. I wonder if the sleepiness is simply the "postictal" state that many people experience after having seizures.


I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait,
And in His word do I hope.
My soul waits for the Lord more than the watchmen for the morning;
Indeed, more than the watchmen for the morning. Psalm 130:5,6


Gretchen said...

I'm sorry about the seizures and the somnolence, Jean. I'll pray that the diet has the intended effect and that God continue to guide and protect you all. xxxooogretchen

Anonymous said...

My brother used to be out for two or three days after his grand mal seizures.
I hope that's all this is with Annie.


Anonymous said...


So sorry to read all the posts about continuing, that DOESN'T mean don't post them!

It just means I wish your life wasn't so challenging. Hopefully, with SPRING you and Annie will perk up with the flowers.

I know how much Millie means to your family situation because we have Pepper! And Boston's are special...

Looking forward to Easter and RESURRECTION POWER! :)


Smartphone said...
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aunt rebecca said...

Olivia - I read about your 'moment' when Annie was (not) getting her blood drawn. Sometimes it is harder to watch someone else than to go thru it yourself, isn't it? You are a trooper, and I pray that God will send you all the strength and comfort that you need every day. Much love, aunt rebecca

Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Gretchen, for your prayers.
Tracey--thanks for your perspective--I know you can relate to all this stuff.:)
Marilyn--We do need God's resurrection power at our house--every one of us!
Rebecca--Thanks for your prayers tonight.

Love you all--Jean

P.S. That deleted post was junk mail. Why would I get junk mail on this blog???

Anonymous said...

They must be exhausting. I won't go into it here, but the body goes through some amazing things in the midst of a seizure (physically, mentally, physiologically). I can understand complete exhaustion.

Love you -