Monday, April 21, 2008

Jiffy Tube

Annie's g-tube replacement went almost as fast as a 10-minute oil change--we're already home, she's in bed asleep, and her first meal is running through her new tube now. Thank you all for praying!


Before they call I will answer;
while they are still speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24


Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray!
Continuing love and prayers,
Terri W

aunt rebecca said...

Way to go, Annie! I'm really happy to know that your day went well, and you can get your yummies in your tummy again smoothly!

Aunt Elsie says "Hi!" - she's not back on the computer yet - but she's tuning in thru me (static and all, yuck, yuck)

Uncle Larry says "Howdy" too.

Have a good night, sweetie!

Gretchen said...

Praise God! BTW, I was the phantom comment the other day. :) I was trying to rewrite to make some sense, and the power went off due to the hail.

Sleep well, friend. xxxooogretchen

Anonymous said...

Yippppeeeeeee... from you palsie who is still trying to get online from home but checks in at library. I feel like I have moved to Podunk Arkansas rather than Kenmore WA! I live across the lake from Bill Gates and can't get on the Internet!!!!

Anyway still praying and rejoicing.

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Just checking in...
...So nice to hear it went smoothly! I'm glad she's enjoying school. Full days? 5 days?

..wondering when a good "swing by" times would work during the day.

I may be driving through Mill Creek around noonish tomorrow -on Thursday. Oh...wait...that's today... since it's after midnight!

If I do, I'll call first, of course!

Want to hear her giggles.
Beth H.

Annie Sullivan said...

Hi Terri, Rebecca, Aunt Elsie, Gretchen, Sue, & Beth.

Beth--Annie goes 4 half days a week. I don't think she could do full days even if she wanted to.:) She's in bed taking a nap right now.

Love you guys--Jean