Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

I have one comment about the election tomorrow: I'd like Tina Fey to have steady work for the next four years.

But enough politics. Check out the new pictures of Annie that I took on Halloween. She was a princess, and she dressed up like one too. She didn't get any candy that night--Bill and I pretty much ate whatever the neighbor kids didn't take--but she did catch the cold that is going around our house. This morning I thought she sounded like she was talking through her nose, and when she sneezed I had a visual confirmation of the sinus blockage. Now we're back on stress doses of hydrocortisone.

She's also been having a few little seizures that I wasn't going to say anything about, because if I don't talk about them, then they really didn't happen you know. But they've been brewing for a couple of weeks, and Annie's doc recommended going up on a couple of her seizure meds, so they're back undercover for now. That's the nature of seizures I guess--always right under the surface. Stealth seizures.

Anyway, go vote if you haven't already. And may God continue to bless America through leadership that honors Him.


The Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses. Daniel 4:32b


Gretchen said...

She's so adorable, Jean. Thanks for the pictures of Cinderellala. Sorry about the sinus gunk and the seizures. Will continue to pray. Hugs.

Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Gretchen. :)

Sue Powell said...

Jean... sending hugs. Sorry Annie has been "set back" a bit but we have a GREAT God and I will continue to pray for Annie's complete healing!

Annie Sullivan said...

Thank you, Sue. I wish I could show you all the tiny, incremental steps of progress she makes every's almost like for every prayer you pray, God breathes life into another neuron.


frances said...

What a lovely princess. Thanks for the pictures. I love your choice of God's word on the eve of election day. How can we feel down, and it's easy to do so, when we know OUR GOD rules.!!

Susan said...

The prettiest Cinderella, ever!

Sorry about the minor setbacks, but it sounds like it's not unexpected. Still praying!

Excellent choice of Scripture, although once again I am asking God, "Why?" His plans, not ours. Rats.

Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Frances & Susan...I guess the sure consolation this evening is the fact that God does rule. And He hears our prayers.


uncle jeff said...

annie, you look marvarous!


so good to hear of all the progress.

thank you, thank you, thank you, lord...