Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Here!

After a wait of only about 5 weeks, we've finally put the new video up--click on the link "Annie's new video" and check it out.

So this evening while Bill was nursing his cold and putting the video up on YouTube, I took the opportunity of the break in the torrential downpours of the last few days to rake leaves out in the front yard. This was after Gretchen, her son, David, & I filled my green waste bin on Thursday. And here two days later, we had another foot and a half of yellow maple leaves in the front yard. But after seven years of this annual leaf-raking marathon--that my children detest--I revel in the opportunity to be out in the crisp fall air. My kids probably think my brain is under a pile of leaves. But I know that some autumn day when they're old, they'll pick up their rakes and head outside.


Why is it that so many of us persist in thinking that autumn is a sad season? Nature has merely fallen asleep, and her dreams must be beautiful if we are to judge by her countenance. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


Anonymous said...

What a pretty princess!!!! And so beautiful to hear her laugh. Thank you so much for the video, I love and miss you guys,
Terri W

Gretchen said...

We had a ball. Thanks for allowing me to include David. He loves to be a part of things--sometimes just doesn't know how.

Of course if I had asked him to do yardwork at our house...notsomuch.

Annie Sullivan said...

Terri--I love hearing her laugh, too. Isn't it great?

Gretchen--I think David is funny--he made the work go by fast--and his leaf-raking expertise is emerging. Eighty percent of success is just showing up, right? David showed up!


Anonymous said...

It is great to see Annie's de'light' in the video! Glad you got some time out with God's nature to just breathe a little!


Sue Powell said...

Video? There is a new video? Hey I have to go FIND it!!

pam s. said...

The video is priceless, as was expected! What joy on her face!! I can only imagine the joy in your heart when you hear her laugh and giggle so purposefully!
Raking leaves? Aren't they supposed to stay on the ground to be walked in and kicked around and enjoyed? I do think this year's colors have surpassed most year's! Totally awesome, God!

Sue Powell said...

Yes what Pam said! The video is priceless. What fun to hear Annie laugh and see her responses! Wooohooo go Annie. And leaves? Ha who rakes leaves? They will blow away eventually. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie (and family)!

I'm so thrilled to see such a happy response to a mirror! That short video has so many amazing things in it - purposeful movement, appropriate emotional responses, increased variety of sounds, focused attention, and on and on. Very exciting stuff!


Sue Powell said...

Oh and thanks for your comments about autumn. I canNOT understand why people find this sad and dreary. I LOVE it and find it invigorating and beautiful! :)

uncle jeff said...

pretty little girl:)

this video was the highpoint of my day.


Annie Sullivan said...

Well, thanks ALL of you for your 2 thumbs up on the video--it is so encouraging for me to see Annie through your eyes. She HAS changed, and I am so thankful for that.


Sue Powell said...

Oh yes, Jean... it is amazing to see and hear her responses! She is so clearly interacting and trying hard to get those words out!! I am so thrilled to see what God has already done in her and look forward to see His continued outpouring of healing!

Sue Powell said...

Another thing I noticed in the video... she is quite clearly understanding what you say and responding to it. When you asked "What does the mirror say?" she turned her attention right to it and tapped on it. A direct response. Wooohoooo go Annie, Go Jean. Go GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing.........God, Annie, and autumn! (Words from a song I like called 'We Have This Moment':

"Take the blue of the sky
And the green of the forest
And the golds and the browns
Of the freshly mown hay
Add the pale shades of spring
And weave you a lovely today."

I love God. I love Annie (and all of you, too!) And I love the riotous colors of Autumn. And I am very glad to learn that I am not alone in allowing leaves to return to the earth......unraked. Thank you! LOL

Continuing love and prayers, and laughter!
Terri W