Thursday, April 23, 2009

The news for today

I took Annie to get her VNS ramped up again yesterday, and then today we saw Dr. B. to discuss the results of last week's blood test. (She passed.) We are going to try fludrocortisone again--it's a medicine to keep her hydrated, and to hopefully have a positive effect on her seizures. Like I said in the previous post, I think that her Addison's issues complicate her seizure disorder, and if she is more perfectly balanced, maybe her seizures will go away, or lessen.

The endocrine & metabolic systems are so complex and are constantly making adjustments to maintain a perfect balance in a normal person's body. But Annie's systems are artificially maintained with hydrocortisone and now fludrocortisone, and I believe when she's the least bit out of whack, it causes more seizures. At least that's my story this week.

Better hydration = less seizures.
Less seizures = more alert Annie.
More alert Annie = more functional gains.

That's what is so neat about that picture with Gretchen--when she's alert and paying attention, she is THERE. For instance, this evening while I was dressing her after her bath, I said, "stand up," and she stood up immediately. I also heard a couple of different sounds today...I really believe that if the seizures go away, she will talk. And, yes, I am an "eternal!" optimist.


I am the Lord, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27


Gretchen said...

I wouldn't change a thing. Except "hopeless optimist" to "hopeful optimist". For we are all full of hope. And optimism is good, for what's the alternative?

Thank you for the update. Will continue to pray for our girl.

aunt rebecca said...


Lynn Casey said...

I agree with Miss Gretchen. Annie will continually be in my prayers till I read that she is talking. Keep up the good work Annie. Keep posting Jean I love reading the updates on Annie. God will work his magic.


Lynn Casey said...

I will keep praying after she is talking.


Jean said...

Good idea, Gretchen--hopeless needs to be hopeful--or eternal!

Anonymous said...

Amen and amen!!!
Love and prayers,
Terri W

Sue Powell said...

LOL Lynn! Yes, I too will pray until she talks and keep praying afterwards! Jean, we are choosing to be optimists right along with you. Because we know our GOD can heal your precious little Annie!

Beth said...

Wow, Jean and Bill...and all...
I've peeked in now and then, but can't remember if I've made comments. Annie has made so much progress. I love the laughing "princess mirror" video! She's got a sweet voice. There is definitely healing taking place - that's obvious. I am encouraged by your tenacious rest in God's direction...and surely will pray that you'll hear his voice in when and what to give Annie to help her enjoy each day...and to continue the healing process.
As usual...I do hope to be able to stop in to see and hear for myself...when I know she's not in school....
Hugs to you,
Beth (OT Beth). :D