Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Epilepsy article

I ran across this as I was searching for info on the vagus nerve stimulator:

It's a story about a young girl with epilepsy, and her family's struggle to find the right combo of medicine to treat it. So much of it I can relate to--I thought it might shed some light on what families do in trying to get rid of the seizures!


Gretchen said...

Wow...the constant trying. Going with something new until it fails, and letting God pick you up again so you can try again is wearying. But He is so faithful, Jean. I'm sure those leaps in development are not only for Annie, but God hugs to you, too. I'm glad you can relate with this family, for I know that as much as we all try--we can't possibly know the walk that you're on. Thank you, as always for sharing.

Jean said...

When they said in the article that they try a new drug and she goes 2 weeks without a seizure, then the brain "finds a way around the drug" to have more seizures--wow, that really struck a nerve. Annie's doing well now with 2 seizures a day, but who knows for how long? It's a day by day thing, and something you manage, not something that is cured, save for the intervention of God. It is good, though, to remember that many families deal with this every day too.

aunt rebecca said...

I was struck with the same phrase - I wonder if that is a Holy Spirit prompt of some sort.
Wouldn't it be interesting to discover that phrase is a clue all by itself?