Monday, June 8, 2009

Children's Hospital . . . Day 5

If you notice this post to be low on the "eloquence scale" it's because this is Bill writing - not Jean.

Jean's with Annie tonight, and without her computer, so she asked me to post an update. She also made me promise not to say anything gross - so this will be pretty short.

We're still waiting for something definitive from the doctors as to why Annie continues to be stopped up, gaggy, and just generally droopy (come to think of it, I guess I would also be droopy if I were stopped up and gaggy). They've taken another x-ray tonight to see how much of the blockage remains, and we should have some answer on that tomorrow. We've been assuming all along that her gaggy-ness and throwing up are directly related to her being stopped up. It will be interesting to see once they get her completely cleaned out if the gaggy-ness goes away on its own or if there is another issue going on that we haven't dealt with yet.

Bottom line, we'll probably still be in-patient (and impatient) for another day or two at least until this latest mystery can be figured out.

We appreciate your prayers, and I ask that you pray especially for Jean tonight that she is able to manage some sleep - I'll be taking my shift tomorrow night. Also of course pray for Annie - though she can't say it, we know this is just as frustrating and boring for her as it is for us (add to that the pain of being poked and prodded all day and all night). Through all this, she has also lost quite a bit of weight that she'll need to get back once we are past this latest crisis.

- Bill.


Sue Powell said...

Thanks for the update, Bill. I am praying tonight! And you did well on the "grossness factor." Not bad at all! :)

aunt rebecca said...

Hospitals have a law against sleeping...but we have an Advocate before the court...and pray that Jean, Bill and Annie all get good nights of sleep at Children's.

And we also pray that the stay at Children's is brief and productive for Annie.


Gretchen said...

Lord, give them rest, both in the hospital, and in You, I pray. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Bill, I know you have some mighty awesome and self sufficient kiddos, but pls email me (or put a bug in Margo's or Andrea's ear to have them email me) if there's something specific I can offer you family while you and Jean are with Annie. love, gretchen

Gretchen said...

my cell: 425.879.0342

Lynn C said...

Way to go Bill and you did well on the grossness factor.