Friday, June 5, 2009

Down at Children's

Well, we exhausted our bag of tricks to get Annie's gastro system to clear, so yesterday we took her down to Children's to see if they had any good ideas. The x-rays show that she is still clogged up, but the first bag of Go-lytely that was supposed to clear a path has already come back up. So we'll be down there until we get this problem resolved. We do need your prayers.



Anonymous said...

On my knees and praying for movement! Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

I am praying. I hope she doesn't have a lot (or any!) abdominal pain.


Terri W

Sue Powell said...

You have my prayers.

Dusty said...

Good, moving thoughts coming Annie's way!

uncle jeff said...

Lord, please heal Annie.

Anonymous said...

I know we (especially me) have all been making puns about this all in good fun; but right now it is no laughing matter. However ......worrying about and praying for Annie has caused me to mull over similar cases I have had over the years. Foods for thought (in case it might help somehow): One time I was taking care of a severely constipated (otherwise non-special needs) around 4 year old boy. I happened to be around when he had some terrible abdominal cramping (accompanied by much writhing and screaming). It became pretty obvious, that so long as it was under his power, he was NOT going to let that brick out. So I called the doctor and got an order for some Benadryl to relax him. The Benadryl, timed perfectly with whatever we were doing for his constipation (I honestly don't remember which end) worked. I remember it because his mother thanked me over and over. I am sure it was because he passed the poop without all the screaming and writhing and withholding...and without the terrible experience and memories it could have caused....which could have led to more withholding and a vicious circle. Now, I have no idea if Annie has any ability to consciously or unconsciously keep herself from letting the stool pass; but it is something to think about.
I don't know where you are in the scheme of your own personal scenario; but if whatever is not staying in from the top, then of course, the answer is to move to the other end. Personally, I am not a big fan of enemas. While most people these days don't even know what they are, I have vivid memories because they were a "cure-all treatment of choice" when I was little. Having said that, when they are necessary, they are useful. Please do not give Annie any enema without your doctor's approval and knowing exactly how much and what solution, etc. Her little system is way too complicated and I am not telling you to do anything. I was mentioning the milk and molasses enemas before because they are funny; but since you are in a pickle, I will be more specific. They were initiated at my hospital by one of our IPS pediatricians (In-house Physician Services). She is an absolutely excellent physician, and I am picky. (She had since moved to Florida and I HATED to see her leave.) Anyway, one uses half milk and half molasses and the amount to be administered is determined by the doctor. After we explained it to the parent (and picked his or her jaw off the floor) we would warm the solution (but not too warm of course) and administer it. It worked great. One time I asked Dr. Hood why it worked so well and she said "they" weren't sure, but that it probably had to do with "osmolarity". All I know is that it worked so well that our pediatric gastro-enterologists started using them as well. For a while there, they were so "popular" that we couldn't keep enough molasses around. One evening I went up to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and asked: "Do you guys have any molasses? We're out, and I have to give an enema." I figured out that they didn't give MnM's in the PICU very often when I had to pick the Pediatric Intensive Care doctor's jaw up off the floor. (Well, I didn't physically pick up any jaws; but the rest is absolutely true.) I am telling you this in case the information may be of any use for you and so that you expect astonishment if you mention the MnM's.
Short, but never on words, with continuing love and prayers,
Terri W
PS Please call me prn (as necessary)

Amanda said...

We missed Annie on our field trip to the beach. My thoughts are with you. Hope to see her on Monday!

Gretchen said...


Susan said...

Lord, please give Annie relief from her discomfort and return her digestive system to normal.