Saturday, June 13, 2009

Graduation weekend

So the Dave-meister--number 4 son--graduated from high school today. Bill & I are feeling old, melancholy, and wistful all at the same time. Why is it that it seems like just last week we were in the hospital having this baby?? He has grown so fast, and so tall, and we are so proud of him. Funny, though, but all week long he's had a bit of the "deer in the headlights" look to him. Not sure if he's too keen on the leaving all his friends part.

Annie tolerated the ceremony--Bill and I just strolled her around and watched or listened via loudspeakers and TV monitors. There were other parents walking their little ones out in the lobbies too--kids don't have much patience for long-winded speeches or hearing the first and last names of 400+ graduates. But it was a good day--and any day with no barf is a good day.

So my last post was all about how 6 days in the hospital solved all of Annie's gastro problems. However, I have led you astray yet again, and I feel like a broken record. Or CD, or DVD. But just like people who tune in to watch Days of Our Lives, you have tuned in to read, yet again, that Annie, has indeed Thrown Up. In fact, she threw up 3 times on Wednesday, and twice on Friday.

But I think I have figured something out--or God has told me what her diagnosis is. Now, she is on high doses of Hydrocortisone for her Addison's, and she is pooping, so her throwing up isn't a result of being stopped up, or needing extra hydro. So last night I was trying to figure out why, why, why, WHY she keeps throwing up. Then I read an article about chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, and there on the page was a picture of Annie! No, not really--but the symptoms of vomiting, early satiety, constipation, etc., were an accurate picture of what is happening to her.

In a nutshell, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction is when the intestinal tract doesn't move food through because of either nerve problems or muscle problems--or both. And it may be caused by disease (or acquired brain injury) or drugs, or both.

One of the treatments for this chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction is our old friend, Reglan. Reglan is a motility drug that we had used early on in Annie's illness, and honestly, I can't remember why we stopped it. But as of today, we're trying it again, because if we don't get this wagon turned around soon, it's going to be uber bad. The good news is, as of her first 2 doses of Reglan, she has not thrown up. She has threatened to, but we've been able to cut her off at the pass.

Well, I am hopeful. I really need her to keep her food down and her hydration up. She just needs to turn this corner. Anyway--again, thank you for your prayers--I do feel like you guys are holding the lamp up as I walk through this maze.

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105


garden98011 said...

Once again, you have been directed to the answer. God is great and you are a fantastic mom. Looking forward to Annie feeling better!~A

Anonymous said...

We're holding the lamp and praying for a map! Hang in there and just call or come over when you need a Mom break! (to whine or not even talk about it at all.)

Tanya W

Jean said...

Thanks, A&T--you're right--God is great and He has answered our prayers. BTW--no throwing up since we started the Reglan. I am holding my breath, but am starting to wonder if this may be a trend!?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to David and hooray for Reglan! Continuing to pray and thanking God that He gave Annie exactly the right parents/family.

Do the words (meds) Diacomit and Frisium mean anything to you? There was an interesting spot on KOMO tonight on a Problem Solvers special from 10-11 PM. I think you would find it interesting.

Love always,

Terri W

Gretchen said...

I'm wistful for you. Glad that grad day was a good one.

Sorry about continued pukies. I think David was on Reglan for his tummy a while back. Or maybe that was me. Who knows? Hope it is just the answer she needs. xxxooo

Jean said...

Terri--diacomit is used in conjunction with a drug--valproate acid--that Annie has never been on, and I don't think she can be on it because of her Addison's meds, or something--I forget. You know, if I don't need to know something, it goes right out the window of my mind. Anyway...

Gretchen--The Reglan is still working very well--this is awesome!