Friday, June 19, 2009

Last day of school

The kid's last day of school was today--so you know what that means. Yeah, all the structure and planning for summer needs to happen within the next 2 days, because I had no warning that the beginning of summer was almost here. You see, the first week of June I was totally absorbed with keeping food in Annie's body. The second week, I had to make sure David wore something besides basketball shoes to his high school graduation. Then the third week, Olivia graduated from eighth grade, which was another clothing/pedi-mani/flower/cookies-for-all-her-bffs extravaganza.

So now we've dropped off the cliff of all these scheduled events, and suddenly there's a vacuum of things-to-do. I'm thinking I need to find someone who is creative, fun, and organized, because my kids will tell you that I am none of those things and that our summers are consistently non-events. I think they just need to lower their expectations. To zero.

And speaking of zero--we had zero seizures today. That's right, no seizures. The Banzel is working to stop the drop seizures, and as we are weaning down on the Zonisimide, Annie is becoming so alert and chatty. Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

Well, I better get working on the summer game plan. Maybe you could just send me yours, and I'll act surprised when we see you at the zoo.



Teena said...

Praise God for no seizures!
Ben was a total space cadet on Zonisimide, so yay to weaning as well!

Gretchen said...

Woo Hoo!

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about summer, too, but now I'll just celebrate this awesome news.

Zero is waaaay kewl, Jean. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Wait till I tell Russ "ZERO" - he will be thrilled too!


Anonymous said...

Zero seizures and zero vomiting???

Wowie Zowie and Praise God!

Charly is at church camp as we write/read. She is going to the DC part of DC/LA for a week in July. She is going to be taking WA State History on-line this summer so that she can take both band and choir electives next year. We also have to figure out something for PE for the same reason. Funny thing is she is going to take swimming lessons this summer; but that can't count toward PE 'cause it "cannot be during the summer". I don't know why the history can, but the PE cannot. (And they want government to manage health care!)

I am thinking about driving Charly and a friend to Forks this summer just for fun, spend the night, goof off, gawk at the scenery and the Twilight sights. Might meander through the San Juans on ferries just for fun.

Charly would love to see Olivia. It has been so looong, I don't know how Olivia would feel about that. It is so ironic how our "little princesses" have had to step up and grow up for such different reasons.

Love and prayers,

Terri W

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is good for the kids to just "be" and not be over-scheduled during the summer. Let them veg and play with friends. That being said, pick a day and we would LOVE to meet you at the zoo or anywhere else. The end of school hit us like a mac truck too. It threw me off this year since I was actually working. Hope to see you and Miss Annie soon.

Tanya W

aunt rebecca said...

Things to do in OKLAHOMA:
Swim at Aunt Rebecca's
Pull weeds in Aunt Rebecca's garden, then jump in the pool to cool off.
Run Phoebe and Caesar around the yard till they collapse, panting, under their favorite tree, then jump in the pool to cool off.
Dig up the dead shrubs along the fence, burn them under the hot dogs, make s'mores with marshmallows over the fire, jump in the pool.....etc, etc.
Drop into bed, exhausted, then waken to Uncle Larry's pancakes and eggs and a HUGE mug of Starbucks :-)

uncle jeff said...

good news for the no seizures.

Anonymous said...

Terri Whitman wants to know the address to Aunt Rebecca's.

Susan said...

So happy to hear Annie is responding well to the new meds regimen. xo

Jean said...

Why don't we all meet at Aunt Rebecca's?

Anonymous said...

I vote for Aunt Rebecca's! I'll drive!! MUST we pull weeds, tho? I have enough of them HERE!


aunt rebecca said...

remember the old post that said that weeds can be GOOD for your garden!

So, y'all come down here, y'hear?

Sue Powell said...

Super news about the lack of seizures! Woohooooo