Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Day After

We survived another 4th of July. I say that, not because I'm ungrateful for living in the US of A, because I truly am, but because the people who live in my neighborhood have an insatiable need for blowing things up until all hours of the night. They started around 4 PM Thursday with the legal pyrotechnics, but by 7 PM last night, the bombs from the reservation came out. At 8 PM, the firetruck came up the street. How it was able to navigate through the yellow smoke, is a mystery. I put Annie to bed around 8:30, and she promptly fell asleep, even though the pictures were dropping off her bedroom walls. At about 10 PM, the smell of sulphur started closing off my bronchials, so I shut the windows. At 1 AM, the last explosive went off. I know, I should count myself lucky--you lit off your last one at 1:30.

Next year, I'm praying for rain.



Anonymous said...

Dear, Jean,
I am so thankful that Annie slept. We were going to watch a fireworks display, but decided to stay home and comfort our frantic animals instead. It was like an artillery zone here, too. I am very sorry for your discomfort. Here's to rain and doggy downers next year!
Continuing love and prayers,
Terri W

Anonymous said...

We're with you! Last night made me wonder if that is what it will be like in Baghdad when my brother goes in October. SCARY!!! Glad Annie was able to sleep through it. Sarah was up until midnight. We are so thankful that all houses in our neighborhood remained intact last night! Hope this week treats you well!

Tanya W.

Jean said...

Tanya--I saw on the news that 3 houses up near where you live burned down because of neighbor's fireworks. Crazy. Time to ban them, huh?

Terri--Olivia told me about a friend's dog who was freaked because of the fireworks. I hope yours have recovered!

Gretchen said...

It's fun, but loud. And as always...some idiots have to spoil the holiday for others. Glad Annie could sleep amidst the "bombs bursting in air".


Anonymous said...

Thank God that no homes in our immediate vicinity burned down. Scary with all of these cedar roofs and un-watched children letting off fireworks. I wonder what people are thinking! Are you feeling like a zoo trip anytime soon?