Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Update

We finished the 2nd week of constraint therapy, and so far, only 2 people have asked us how Annie broke her arm. (Most people who notice the cast just don't ask.) I do think the therapy is working--today while I helped her practice using her right arm, she lifted it up voluntarily for the 1st time to touch her Princess Mirror. That thing is so motivating--shoot, I'd touch it too if I heard "You look WONderful!" everytime it lit up.

The other thing that I've noticed is a few more vocalizations/sounds/words since she's been working with her right hand. And, if language is primarily on the left side of the brain, and if the function of the right hand also originates from the left side of the brain, then maybe rattling around some neurons for her hand is waking up some language neurons. That's just my layman's theory, I don't think you'll find it in a brain surgery textbook. But let me know if you do.

She was a bit gaggy today, so that wasn't very pleasant. We are still trying to regulate her gastrointestinal issues. The salt-regulating element of her Addison's is still fuzzy--we're trying to figure out fludrocortisone, and what, if any, influence that has on her nausea/gagginess. I did read today that if you have hyponatremia (an electrolyte disturbance of the salts in the blood) that you can be nauseated too. And when you're nauseated and vomit, then you can exacerbate the hyponatremia. She's a very complex little girl.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Please pray for our wisdom in managing her multiple medical issues, and please pray that this constraint therapy work to help her regain the use of her right hand/arm, as well as desensitize her left arm while she wears her cast. More words would be good, too.


The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. Psalm 138:8


Sue Powell said...

I am glad that you are seeing some improvements in the arm usage and language skills. Yes, she is definitely a complex little girl and I am praying that God will continue to bring her His healing touch.

Gretchen said...

Have I told you lately how blessed this little girl is to have you as a mommy? If it's been a while, I'm so sorry. Because Annie's mom rocks.


Jean said...

Thanks, Sue & Gretchen:

I am blessed to have YOUR prayer & moral support!

aunt rebecca said...

I'm all for the words too. Wouldn't that just be a kick - to hear Annie say - "Hey, get this dang cast off of my arm!!!!"

Sorry I haven't written here lately - I've been burning bagworms, y'know :-)

On the gaggy salt issue, does Annie like saltines? Her gagginess just sounds so much like pregnancy gaggy, which sometimes responds to saltines (and pickles and ice cream and spaghetti and potato chips and grapes and ... and ... )

Jean said...

She still isn't eating anything yet--only through the g-tube. The times when she's tasted anything, though, have been when we've offered goldfish or Cheez-its or something else that's salty.