Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year

After 3 weeks of wandering around another hospital in the middle of December, we've escaped again to tell the story. Only this time, Annie wasn't the main character--Bill was. And still is. A character.

The cafeteria food notwithstanding, we had a grand time. Lots of hair-raising, hand-wringing, nail-biting moments; lots of prayers answered. Spending the entire Christmas break in the hospital was memorable. And I'm not just saying that.

And you were wondering, Why is this family so plagued by health problems? Funny thing, I was asking Bill the same question just yesterday. After thinking it over for a moment, his answer was, "I don't know, what do you think?" But, really. Every family has a certain defining quality, ours just happens to be catastrophic disease. So what? It could be worse. Like if we were in a reality show with 8 kids or something like that.

So, I promised Bill I wouldn't share too many of the entrails, I mean, details about his stay in the hospital on the blog. Except that most of it involved the inside of his stomach. And with the parts the surgeon took out, in about 6 months he should be looking more like Fabio than he ever thought possible. I think they call it accidental gastric bypass surgery. After the crisis was over, it occurred to me that he had just used up another one of his get-out-of-death free cards. I think he has a stack of those lying around here somewhere, because he's used about 6 of them in the last 28 years. I wish I were kidding.

But all that happened last year. This year, we're going to look forward to a New Year blessed with good health, good friends & family, and to a good God Who answers prayer!


Our God is the God of salvation;
And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death. Psalm 68:20


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say except THANK GOD that GOD is watching over you all! I am praying for a much less eventful year for you and continued progress for Annie! Love you all!


Susan said...

Praying 2010 brings you all GOOD health. Notice I didn't say "great. Just "good" is an improvement. We'll take what we can get! xo

Anonymous said...

So glad you are all home, and God has given us even MORE to praise Him for!! (But Bill, 9 lives is it....)

And it was SOOOO good to have Andy on drums tonight! Whoo-hoo, it's a different dynamic with him up there!

Love to all,

aunt rebecca said...

We were really hoping for a video of the surgery...


And who is Fabio? I am so out of touch.

God bless you guys BUNCHES.

Jean said...

Thanks Tanya & Susan & Pam....and Rebecca--Bill's Facebook identity was a picture of Fabio until he recently changed it to a picture of Millie. Ask your husband about this at home. He's one of Bill's friends. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yes, you guys have been through it all. Praise God Bill is home and presumably on the mend and you cn put this behind you (is the pun appropriate?) We'll keep praying for ALL of you! :-)
love, the Caulfields

PS - so glad I finally figured out how to leave a post. Seems easy - don't know WHAT I was doing to mess it up before.

Christina SanInocencio said...

I came across your blog and I have to say, you've done an amazing job putting it all together. Every day, I wish that one day there will be a cure for LGS.

Sue Powell said...

You are in my prayers.

Jean said...

Thank you Lisa--your faithfulness to pray for us is a huge comfort. Glad you figured out how to leave a post--keep doing it!

Christina--I read about your brother's story on the LGS website--it has been a long, hard road for you and your family. And when you see your loved ones continue to suffer from seizures, with no real answers, it seems hopeless.The only thing that has brought me peace is knowing that even if the doctors can't offer a cure, Jesus can. My problem is waiting for the day that my faith will be sight!

Christina--you've done a great job educating and helping people through the LGS Foundation--and Michael is an inspiring young man. God bless you.

Sue--thank you, too, for praying--we need each one. :)