Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cycling low again

Last week, Annie started to trend low again--so we increased her hydro dose and watched for symptoms. She's been sneezing, but no fever, no coughing.

On Friday we had a regularly scheduled neurology checkup, and of course Annie timed her big seizure in the weights and measuring room, where the nurse saw it, but not the doctor. Not a big deal, though, since she has been averaging only one seizure every couple of days--which is good seizure control for her. It was a pleasant visit in spite of the fact that Annie was postictal the whole time. The doc checked her vagus nerve stimulator to make sure it was working right, and noted that she has about 3 1/2 years of battery left before it needs to be taken out and replaced.

After the neurology appointment, we headed over to have an echocardiogram done. Her nephrologist (kidney doctor) ordered it to see if her heart muscle was being affected by her chronic hypertension. (Remember that when she had the brain injury, she also suffered damage to her kidneys, which were in the process of shutting down.) It occurred to me on the way to the echo lab that having her lie still for a half hour would be on a par with the parting of the Red Sea. Annie is the little girl who falls asleep sitting up. Lying down is not something she does willingly. I don't know what part of her brain or brain injury causes her to be hyper-vigilant, but she does not willingly lie down for anything. She falls asleep slumped forward with her head buried in her blanket, and before I go to bed at night, I gently place her on her side. So, surprise--the echocardiogram was unsuccessful--we could not get her to relax enough to have the tech put cold jelly on the wand and run it up and down on her chest. Go figure. I guess if it's a critical piece of information, we'll have to sedate her to get it done.

Next week is her dentist visit. Maybe I'll ask to be sedated for that one.



aunt rebecca said...

you'll ask that You be sedated for the dental visit.

sounds like a plan to me.


Gretchen said...

Sometimes those with so many years of college can have zero common sense. If you met Annie for 5 minutes, you might think that she'd turn down an echo with a resounding, no!no!no!. Yes, sedation dentistry sounds good to me. My kids have a cleaning tomorrow. Perhaps I'll try it out for you and let you know how I do. :)

Beth said...

Annie is beautiful...and so is Olivia. I love the singing Happy Birthday picture of the two of them. I haven't peeked in here for awhile, so was pleased to read how Annie's doing in therapy, too. I know you called awhile back and it took awhile for me to return your call...but if you still have an unanswered question, please call again. :)

Jean said...

Hi everyone--I'll tell you all about the dentist in the next post. :)
Beth--stop in when you're in the neighborhood! I'll give you a call, too.

uncle jeff said...

praying for the dentist:)