Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farm Fresh Food

There are two food items that I am hard-pressed to do without: dark chocolate, and the official state beverage, coffee. But I'm going to add a third category, and that is anything from Full Circle Farm. My friend, Andrea--who doesn't like chocolate but for some reason is still my friend--introduced me to an organic farm out in Carnation that for $44 a week delivers a generous box of organic fruits and vegetables to my doorstep every Thursday morning before 6 AM.

This week I got loads of salad greens, carrots, rainbow chard, zucchini, plums, peaches, onions, and cucumbers. The week before I got blueberries, plums, potatoes, oranges, avocados, donut peaches, Crimini mushrooms, and cool purple carrots as well as the load of salad greens.

If you decide you don't want to eat as much as we do, you can have a smaller box delivered for $34 a week. I haven't comparison shopped at the grocery store, but I'm thinking it's cheaper. And it's right there on my front porch every Thursday morning.

For someone whose schedule is filled with doctor visits, medicine, and therapy, having farm fresh food delivered to your doorstep is almost heaven. I love it.



Marilyn said...

Wow! I'd love it, too! Enjoy! :)

Linda said...

OK, I have the same friend and she didn't tell me about it! Do they deliver all year?


Jean said...

All year! Just click on Full Circle Farm in my post and sign up--you can go week to week to try them out. BTW--they can add items from their partner vendors and deliver bread, chocolate, coffee, cheese, wine--all the major food groups!

Lana C. said...

Annie...this is incredible. My mom, years and years ago, was part of a farmer's market co-op. They would take turns making their weekly trip to the farmer's market, then we'd all meet in that person's garage or on their front porch with the individual boxes of vegies to separate into bags for each person in the co-op to take home. It was an incredible experience. This front door service you are enjoying is such a blessing. I believe it is a probably cuts down on eating less healthy foods too. Thanks for sharing!!! Lana C.

uncle jeff said...

i love your disclaimer on the right side of annie's page:)