Friday, August 6, 2010

Mall Walk

Jack and I took Annie for a mall walk in her Kidwalk this week. We were there early in the morning with the new moms and babies in strollers, retirees, and assorted diehard exercisers. Annie got lots of smiles from everyone and a few curious looks at her lime green walker with the wheels that light up. I'd like to do this a couple of times a week, early in the morning before the teenagers with too much expendable income crowd in. Anyone want to join us afterward for coffee at Starbucks?

I have to share, too, that Annie has had a run of no seizures for at least two weeks. I think the extra fludrocortisone (a drug for Addison's) is helping with this, because it helps regulate fluids in her body and brain. She had been low on sodium, with symptoms of nausea, lethargy and--seizures. The low sodium is a common problem with people who have Addison's, because the part of your adrenal glands that regulates fluid in your body is damaged. I found an interesting article that speaks about the connection between hyponatremia (low sodium) and seizures. Read more about it here:

Anyway--no seizures equals a brighter, more alert, vocal, happy Annie. Very bright. When I see her like this, I think--if we could end these seizures, she might actually have a fighting chance to make some significant progress, both physically and cognitively. Because if we could get rid of the seizures, then we could get right of the seizure medicine, which causes things like loss of balance or coordination, difficulty speaking, drowsiness, weakness, unsteady walking, blah, blah, blah. But--she is making great progress this summer. And that is good.


"He answered their prayers, because they trusted in Him." 1 Chronicles 5:20b


Marilyn said...


I'm so happy to hear of all the wonderful progress Annie is making! God is good and knew who would be the BEST MOM for her! :)


aunt rebecca said...

I love the word verifications on this blog:
is today's special word.

Maybe Annie knows what it means.

In the meantime - thank you for the great Jack and Annie photo! You're definitely getting to be an Ace Photographer :-)

Lana Clingan said...

I have Addison's Disease and have been following your blog. You and your daughter are beautiful... Thank you for sharing. Lana.

Jean said...

Thanks, guys. :)

pam said...

Coffee, yes! What morning? I have Thurs off, so say Thursday, please!?

let me know, wanna see the girl in action!

And MY word verification is "busediga" ! Whew!

naomi said...

I want to see Annie in her kidwalk sometime! That picture is right in front of Andy's work isn't it? (-:

p.s. I like the updated blog design (-:

Jean said...

Yes, that's good old PF Chang's, where people with celiac can enjoy a gluten-free dinner served by master waiter, Andrew Sullivan. (People with Addison's are at greater risk to develop celiac, too!)

PS. The pink stripes seemed easier on the eyes than that shocking pink we had before...but I had to stick with pink!

Sue Powell said...

Hi Jean... so good to hear that Annie is making so much progress. What an encouragement for you. I am praying tonight.