Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rifton Activity Chair Rocks!

We picked up Annie's totally awesome Activity Chair yesterday.

Now she can sit up to the dining room table with us at dinnertime.
...who knows, maybe she'll even eat!


pam said...

Simply awesome!! I'm not sure she'll bite into that apple right off the bat, but keep trying!!

aunt rebecca said...

Thanks for the pictures. Look at her and Jack! I love it.

Thanks be to God Who moves the hearts and minds and pencils of insurance claims clerks :-)

Marilyn said...


Annie looks great in her new chair! You're accomplishing a lot with her! Thank you, LORD!

Jean said...

Yes, Pam--simply awesome! And, no I DON'T overuse that word. :)

Rebecca--yes, the insurance company denied it at first, but Annie's PT sent another letter explaining the need, and they relented. I am SO thankful that our prayers were answered that way.

Marilyn--Yes, thank you, Lord!

Lana C. said...

Thank God for our God-given creativity & brilliance for such helpful things!!!