Friday, February 25, 2011

Annie got a PICC line placed today for TPN. In a nutshell, she got a central IV line so she can get food into her body. She did well in surgery, but is cranky tonight--pray that we stay on top of any pain she has.

For some reason, she has not been able to keep any food down--even small, diluted amounts of formula. So that's why the PICC line. Pray that this help her to regain strength and energy so she can get over the flu virus she's been fighting for a week.

I'd add more detail to this post, but I also have the flu and am having more word-finding difficulties than usual.


The Lord will take care of him when he is lying sick in bed. He will make him well again.  Psalm 41:3


Gretchen said...

Love everyone in that picture, and those not pictured, too. Posting a prayer request on my blog today, too. Hang in there.


Marilyn said...

Great scripture! God is faithful! Continuing to pray for all ya'll...

uncle jeff said...

praying earnestly.

Anonymous said...

Great picture, and I love seeing your made-with-love-by-lots-of-hands quilt cuddling her! What a great big brother!