Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We went to the cemetery after church today to put flowers on Annie's grave. Lots of American flags decorated the cemetery in preparation for Memorial Day--many veterans are buried there. The place was a hub of activity today with organizations selling red, white and blue flowers and flags to put on the graves of loved ones. I appreciate the sacrifice of those buried there. Even if the soldiers died of old age, their years spent serving their country deserve honor, respect and gratitude from we who are the recipients of the freedom we enjoy in our country.

For some of us, Memorial Day is more of a day to remember any family member who has died--veterans or not--so that's what we did. I'm glad Annie's grave is close by--the boys stop by there frequently to leave flowers, or to just sit and think. She was a much-loved and cared for little sister, and still is.


Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened. Billy Graham


Gretchen said...

Still is, indeed. As is the rest of the family. By me.

Jean said...

We feel that love, Gretchen--that you remember and think of us & Annie. I think that's the greatest gift, and the point of Memorial Day--that people remember. Huge blessing.

At church yesterday, the pastor reminded us that the idea of remembering is the point of Communion--a time to recall and reflect on the sacrifice of another Warrior. I had never really thought of it that way, but it made a lot of sense.

pam said...

The notion that we continue to think of you, and Annie, and pray for your family is born out by the fact that we continue to check your blog on a regular basis.

We love you, Dear Friends.

Marilyn said...

Wish I could have gone with you to remember~

Jean said...

Thanks for your prayers, Pam. We feel them, and need them. Is Jesus here yet??

Marilyn--I wish you were here, too. July is coming soon, then you can go with me. You'll have to bring Kleenex, and not necessarily for yourself...there was an old man standing there yesterday, not far from Annie's grave, just looking down at his wife's grave. It was so sad, I almost wanted to get out of our car and go give him a hug.

Lana C. said...

You are very full of love to remember the military members on a day that surely makes you full of mommy moments with Annie. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo of remembering.