Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missing Annie #1 and Annie #2

Journal entry from November 1, 2006: "Today is a cold, crisp sunny fall day--a great day to rake the leaves of the massive maple tree in our front yard. Annie helped me by pushing them around with her rake--which was twice as big as she. We filled the yard waste bin and they'll come and pick it up tomorrow--just in time for the rain and wind that's predicted for this weekend."

Before Annie's brain injury, she was my little shadow, helping me with whatever I was doing in or outside the house. I was thinking about her while raking leaves of our maple tree yesterday afternoon, and reminiscing about that fall day in November five years ago.

I was also remembering the time last October when I tried to get a picture of her sitting on a blanket with me in the leaves. With her post-brain injury sensory issues, she didn't like the wind in her face, she didn't like to have her hands touched--and she most certainly didn't like the leaves of the maple tree anymore.


We had better luck sitting beside the pumpkins in the safety of her own jogger with cousins Grace and Aileen:

Each season brings its own reminders of her. In the fall, Annie #1 was my little leaf raker, and Annie #2 was my pumpkin inspector. Today marks seven months since she left us. I miss both Annies so much.


"But I miss you most of all, my darling...when autumn leaves start to fall." Johnny Mercer
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Kathy Day said...

Jean, thank you so much for continuing to share these pictures, memories and thoughts with all of us! Although I never had the chance to meet "Annie #1", I can picture her so vividly through your words and through the spirit of "Annie #2". Thinking of you and will remember you in my prayers this season and as Christmas time approaches.

Marilyn said...

May God bless you in all the seasons of your life!

Ditto what Kathy said~

Anonymous said...

I love you Jean; and I know you love both Annies so much. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories.

Looking toward a sweet future............perhaps today?

Continuing love and prayers,

Terri W

Gretchen said...

She loved watching that tree, didn't she. From the comfort of inside the house,of course. :)

Thank you, always Jean, for how you share your heart.

Jean said...

Kathy--thanks for checking in, and for your prayers. And, I agree--there was a whole lot of Annie #1 attitude in Annie #2!! ;-)


Terri--Yes, maybe today--I can't wait!

Gretchen--Those leaves mesmerized her, didn't they?


Luke's Mom said...


I was just thinking about you yesterday. Each time the Lord brings you to my thoughts I lift you up in my prayers. Then once again I thought about you today as we made Luke's food formula, so thankful for your generous donation of a Vita-mix. Big time kicking myself for the fact that I never got your thank you card sent. I kept meaning to ask you for your address. Sorry good intentions gone astray.

Be blessed today and know that you are not forgotten.

Love in Christ,
Sue Searles

aunt rebecca said...

Johnny Mercer may have written it, but I remember Nat King Cole singing it ;-)

Susan said...


www.FindingLana.blogspot.com said...

I love the way you are able to sort through certain things that are so difficult; you put it in a way that shows the sadness, the joy, the disbelief at having to experience an Annie #1 and an Annie #2. I bet that so many people who have gone through things, even things such as a stroke and I with Addison's Disease, can relate to having two different existences...the one prior to the medical catastrophy and the "new" life afterward.

Beautifully written.