Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What would you like to know?

Feeling a little writer's block with Annie's blog. So rather than wait another week before inspiration hits, I thought I'd ask you for some direction. Is there is anything you'd like to know about her, about brain injury,  adrenal insufficiency, living after the loss of a child...? Be bold.



Anonymous said...

How are YOU? Bill? Your kids? How really are you? And how can people like me that ache to help and probably invariably say the wrong thing help.........besides pray, which I do regularly for you all.

Terri W

Jean said...

Well, Terri--praying is what's helping us now. A-Lot. But as long as you asked...I'll update you in the next post. Thanks for jumping in!

Gretchen said...

Kinda along the lines of Terri, I'm wondering if you tire of my asking how you are. I know initially, you said you didn't, and that you love to talk about Annie. But here's the thing...I want to ask without prying and sometimes I feel like I sound nosy.

Also, for me, dates are something I remember. Every time I think of a 25th, I think of Annie. Sometimes I want to say something, and sometimes I feel like if I do, I might make you sad--if you were having a good day otherwise. I also don't want to overlay the way I grieve over the way you do. Does that make any sense? You know my heart, whether or not you can read my words. :)

Jean said...

Gretchen--I don't get tired of you asking me how I'm doing and I especially NEVER get tired of talking about Annie. And, yes, whenever you feel like saying anything about Annie, it might make me cry, but I so appreciate when you remember her, love her and grieve her.

And, really, even if I cry--that doesn't necessarily equate to making a good day bad. It might actually make a good day better, because I feel your love for her!

Gretchen said...

Thank you, friend. Just what I needed to hear.