Friday, July 13, 2012

Dusty's Race

My friend Dusty is about to begin Day 3 of the Last Annual Vol-State Road Race to benefit Adrenal Insufficiency United that I wrote about here. Keep up with her adventures across Tennessee here.

Dusty is raising funds so that representatives from Adrenal Insufficiency United can attend  the International Fire-Rescue Conference in Denver, Colorado in August.

AIU will share with 13,000 emergency medical professionals

1. What adrenal insufficiency is,
2. How to identify a person in adrenal crisis, and
3. Why injectable liquid hydrocortisone (Solu-Cortef) should be carried on all ambulances/aid trucks.

Join Dusty in saving lives by bringing awareness of adrenal insufficiency. Give here.

Thanks! And Go, Dusty!


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