Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cupcake Stories

Cupcakes for Annie is going full-steam, and we have extended it for the whole month of April to get those cupcakes to your fire stations, emergency rooms, schools or wherever you know people need to know about Adrenal Insufficiency. So if you HAVEN'T YET taken cupcakes anywhere, be bold and get out the word! Go to this link, print off a flyer, take it with you and say:

1. Adrenal Insufficiency is deadly, but so treatable.
2. We need awareness of the disease and its symptoms of:
    bronze skin, dehydration, fatigue, stomach pain, & weight loss.
3. We need emergency Solu-Cortef on all ambulances, because when a person gets sick or has trauma of any kind, they could suffer a brain injury like Annie did--or die--in as little as 30 minutes without treatment.

Now, for those of you who ALREADY HAVE taken Cupcakes for Annie--and you know who you are--please send me a picture and your story so I can post it here. I have been reading some amazing things on Facebook, but I know you all aren't connected to everyone there, so please send me a picture & your adventure story, so everyone can know what you've been up to.

Again--if your name is chosen in our drawing, you get a $50 gift card to Starbucks. And if you're in my area, I might just throw in a dinner with Bill & me. Such a deal.

Thank you SO much for making a difference for all my friends with adrenal insufficiency and for those not yet diagnosed. You are saving lives!


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