Monday, April 29, 2013

Jody & Zoe's Cupcake Story

Jody and I first met about 11 or 12 years ago at church, and became friends after the births of our little girls, Annie (mine) and Zoe (hers). And like many moms, we discovered the happy benefits of sharing babysitting. Annie and Zoe were two peas in a pod:

Well, sometime in late 2006, Jody and her family moved to Oklahoma, and we lost touch, and the next time I saw Jody was after she had moved back to our area in August of 2011. I ran into her at the local grocery store, and we immediately picked up where we left off--except Zoe was with her and I was alone. So while I caught Jody up on the past five hellish years, eight year old Zoe occupied herself with greeting cards on a kiosk, and at some point looked up at us and asked, Mommy, why are you crying? Truth is, everyone who passed us in the store was wondering the same thing as we dripped, sobbed and hugged our way through the conversation.

A few days later, I gave Zoe one of Annie's teddy bears. Jody told me later how she overheard Zoe up in her room one day telling her little sister, Braelyn--who ironically bears a striking resemblance to Annie--that her friend lives in heaven with Jesus now and she wanted me to have this bear. So Annie's bear now resides on Zoe's bed, nestled on top of her pillow.

This week Jody wrote:

When I told Zoe about "Cupcakes for Annie" she was so excited to make them and take them to her school. We had fun making all the cupcakes and then took them to Zoe's school, Cedar Park Christian. Zoe explained to the principal and office staff about her friend Annie from when she was little, who had been completely fine and went to bed one night and had a brain seizure because she had undiagnosed Addison's Disease. 

We printed many of the flyers and put the cupcakes in the teacher's lounge, asking everyone who took a cupcake to take the flyer. We were so glad to be part of sharing the awareness of Adrenal Insufficiency.

Thank you so much, Jody and dear Zoe, for sharing Cupcakes for Annie with your school staff, and how Adrenal Insufficiency has affected you. I think someday you will know that God used you to save a life.

Big hugs!



aunt rebecca said...

Thank you, Jody and Zoe, for your blessed friendship to Jean and Annie. I agree with Jean - you will know that God will work through you to save someone's life. But for now, please know that your friendship is also life-saving in its own way.

Jean said...

I totally agree, Rebecca.