Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday, May 12th

Things are going better--we had a calm evening yesterday, and today is going well. Annie had her best "alert" day yet yesterday, and she's expressing herself more--crying like her old self, if you can imagine that being a good thing. Emotions are controlled by our brains too, and the way she expresses herself, the "real" Annie, seems to be emerging more and more every day. I'm reminded about your comment, Maurita, that you're praying that she giggles. I guess crying like her old self may be a precursor to the giggling. I'm hoping! Anyway, thought I'd give you a brief update that even though we're still working on the details from TOP to BOTTOM, things are still improving.

Yesterday, I also heard from an old friend, Cindy, whose little girl had a kidney transplant a few years back. She had been tube-fed, and they struggled with the throwing up thing too. It was so good to commiserate with someone who's been there. She had lots of encouraging words and ideas for us. Thank you, Cindy!

Have a Happy Mother's Day all you moms--hug your kiddos and thank Jesus when they cry!

Love, Jean


Gretchen said...

Jean, you all are continuously in our prayers. Anything that sounds like "the old Annie" is a cause for praise, whether it's tears or giggles. Much love to all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother´s Day Jean! You are an awesome mom!
Becky from Spain

Tracey said...

Okay, call me cheap.
I first wrote the following this morning for a dear friend who has been with me during my worst (Goodness, I HOPE that was my worst!!!).
And then, to save a stamp, I sent it to a few other people I love also.
I'm borrowing it back to share it again with you and every other mother out there. (Hey, we recycle, what can I say?!)

Happy Mother's Day.

You are the only one qualified
to be the mother of your children.
God has blessed you sweetly,
as He has challenged you to your greatest calling.

You serve Him well.
And as He knows your struggles
and hears your prayers
He uses each trial
to create in you the you He intended all along.

You bless Him as you love them
with all you can humanly be
He blesses you as He loves you
and showers you with His power and strength
to be the mother He meant you to be.

You are blessed.
And so are your children.

Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Super news, Jean, that she is starting to sound like the "old Annie!" And yes, we do want to hear about the "bad stuff" along with the good. Happy Mother's Day! You are one super Mommie! By the way this site absolutely will NOT let me sign so I shall remain anonymous. :)

Sue Powell