Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, May 10

We're still having trouble with the eating/throwing up/volume/reflux/whatever thing. Please pray that she clear her gut tomorrow morning. You know, the little things are so important, and being regular is a biggie right now. If the gut is clogged, the only other place for stuff to go is UP. So, pray that they go DOWN. FAST.

Please also pray that our evenings "getting ready for bed" are more relaxed. She just gets to be on the brink with the throwing up thing towards 4 PM, and it just seems to escalate every night. Last night she threw up and this morning she threw up. So we gave her some stuff to stop the throwing up and she looked like a blower fish all day. We also have been giving her stuff to clear her gut, but nothing has worked yet.

Don't you just love to hear about all this??



Anonymous said...

Jean - this is Sarah Park... don't know if it would be helpful in Annie's situation, but when our daughter was a baby and wasn't passing anything the doctor had us put some dark Karo syrup in water and give it to her - worked amazingly fast.

I'll be praying.

Gretchen said...

Of course we love to hear about this. We love you, puke, poop, bad hair days, and all.

Lord, I lift up this little one and ask that you continue your good works in her. Specifically, I pray that she stop puking and start feeling more at ease with her digestion. I pray that you would refresh and strengthen the family as they continue to go through these ups and downs. Most of all, however, I thank you for your sovereignty and your perfect will. THank you for your presence in our lives. God bless the Sullivans, dear lord. In Jesus' name, amen.