Saturday, June 16, 2007

Adaptive Trike

So the tricycle for Annie is a no-go with the insurance company. It's specifically excluded as "exercise equipment." But some of you have indicated an interest in helping purchase a trike for Annie, so my brother, Dan, has set up a way for you to do that. You can e-mail him at and he'll provide you with all the info you need. You can look up the website for the trike @ It's the Rustler model. And, yes, these things are dang pricey.

Obviously, we feel like she would benefit from this, not only in strengthening her muscles to help her walk, but also for the simple joy of riding the bike. And we are grateful to each one of you who participate in purchasing this for her.

Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jean!
Erik and I continue to pray for Annie - it sounds like she is making great progress! God is GOOD.
I was bummed to hear that about the insurance, but just as God has been so faithful to provide renewed strength and hope through all the "small things", I am confident He will provide your family with this new bicycle for Annie. Seeing her on it was always such a fun reminder that God can quiet our spirit and give us peace in everything - a little disciple on wheels!

Thinking of you often,

Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Kathy--and thank you for teaching her to ride on it!