Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Today we went to church, then spent the afternoon visiting with Aunt Janet, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Susie, Uncle Rick, Grandmommie, Poppie, Sharon, Drew, Becky, Tim, and cousins Mary Bea, Sam, and Joey. Big day for Annie, and you'd think she'd come home and pass out in bed, but no, she's rolling around in there trying to get all the ants out of her pants. Hmm.

But it was a good Father's Day. I thank God for Annie's dad. It's not every guy who would dive into tube feeding, measuring out medicine, and keeping charts and graphs of stuff that goes in and stuff that comes out. Come to think of it, Bill always has been into charts and graphs.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy, fun-filled day,,,

Good to hear of Annie's endurance.

uncle jeff

Gretchen said...

The day was probably just a mite overstimulating for her, but life includes those overstimulating moments, and sometimes it's okay to have ants in one's pants. :) I saw her at church while we were worshipping and thought maybe it would be too much for her (all that loud music and those crazy, Jesus-loving singers), but again, it's great to have some normalcy, too. The loving that she got was probably worth the "ants". I'm glad you had a good Father's Day. Loved hearing Bill preach. What a treat.

I know insurance companies can't pay for everything (we are out of pocket for all of David's therapies because the "aren't medically necessary"), but it's too bad that quality of life seems to be prioritized last. I know it's a business. Heavens...that business puts food on my table (thank You, Lord), but as a mom and as a former speech therapist, I cringe at what's allowed and what's not.

Love to all the Sullivans. Gretchen