Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sizzling in Seattle

Today was 89, tomorrow 100. I'm meeelllllting. I sent Bill down to Lowe's this evening to get a couple of oscillating fans. A couple was all they had left, so we lucked out. Miss Cindy gave us a portable swamp cooler and it works great--but we needed a couple of fans to spread the cooler air around. I know you guys in the midwest and south think we're wimps. Wimps we are.

Thanks for the movie reviews. My kids gave it two thumbs up, but thought the music was lame. Next time will be a silent movie with subtitles.

Back to Annie. She learned to do a few new things the last couple of days. She began using a sippy cup to sip water, and actually sipped rather than bit the mouthpiece. We gave her a taste of the formula she gets through the g-tube, but she preferred plain water. Using a cup, though, is a major accomplishment. Plus, she anticipated the cup coming up to her face and opened her mouth--intentional, purposeful and anticipatory movement.

Today she pushed the peanut exercise ball with both hands and arms with definite resistance to Beth, her OT. AND she grabbed a toy with her right hand. Remember, the right hand has been much weaker than the left, but is really making some nice progress.

She seems more engaged with what is going on around her, and is expressing likes and dislikes consistently. I WANT to stand up, I don't WANT to sit down anymore! I don't WANT to rock in the rocking chair, I WANT to go to bed! I WANT water, I don't WANT formula! She may be nonverbal, but she IS communicating loud and clear.

So--no more obvious seizure activity, and good gains these last couple of days. In spite of the heat!


It is good to give thanks to the LORD,
And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;
To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning,
And Your faithfulness every night. Psalm 92:1-2


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Annie, and all the Sullivan Clan, for letting Charly visit this evening. She had s superb time and wants to move to Renton now and go to Heatherwood with Olivia. (Thanks a lot!!! ha!) Thank you for your love for the Lord and your shining example of how to live victoriously in these wicked times and during such difficult personal circumstances. We do love you and pray for you.
Terri W

aunt rebecca said...

You are not wimps. Stay as cool as you can, and drink LOTS of water. Dehydration is bad for ALL of you. Watch for flushed cheeks...a tepid bath is good to cool your whole body. If you have a little pool in the back yard...put it in the shade and cool your feet in it. It takes awhile to acclimate to the heat you're having and you don't have time to acclimate! So drink lots of water and stay out of the heat. Praise God for swamp coolers and fans!

Anonymous said...

I love you, Annie:)

uncle jeff

pam (& luther, too, natch!) said...

jean - if it's really unbearable, swamp-cooler aside, come to our house - we have AC and it's all yours if you need it!

Annie Sullivan said...

I'm on my way over.

Anonymous said...

What a super report, and praise God for the progress! And hey us old folks think the video music is fantastic! :) I can't believe how many times I have watched that thing. :)

Wimps or not, I vote for air conditioning... and I will be getting it any day now wahoo!

Will keep on praying!

Sue Powell

Gretchen said...

We have a/c, too, and are just a heartbeat away in MC, so come over any time. I won't clean for you, but I'll sweep the dog hair aside and feed ya. :) Also, we always have sleeping bags and clean sheets if needed. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie... better learn to get those hands up there on the handlbars so you don't run off the sidewalk! :) Great job pedaling though... got those legs moving!!

Sue Powell

unknown carer said...

all those expresstions she is making is another step!! Goo Annie!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I noticed the expressions too! AND it was SO obvious that when Beth was trying to put her hands on the handlebars it was a VERY intentional NO and pulling away!

Hey Bill may be right about that song. As I was doing my pool workout this morning I suddenly realized I was singing "IIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM gonna soak up the SUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN. Oh well it reminded me to pray for all of you while I was splashing around.

Sue Powell