Saturday, July 7, 2007

Trike Video--Link to the Left<-----:)

Click on the link to the left & check out Annie's bike video. She had a great first spin down the street--with many more to come this summer. Things are going well today--she hasn't had any more seizures in the last couple of days, and today she was a bit more alert because I guess her body is getting used to the medicine--both answers to prayer! This is a short update tonight--I need to finish getting her ready for bed, but Bill & I wanted to get this video up so you can all see how cool this bike is. Thank you all for giving to make this happen!



Gretchen said...

How cool is that?!!! Awesome movie making skills, too! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

God's blessings and mercy on you all. Always. ((((Hugs))))

aunt rebecca said...

This is Annie in her signature cycling ensemble: notice the hot raspberry wheels, pertly set off by her baseball cap-covered locks. Look out, Lance, here comes Annie!!!!

Thank YOU, Jesus, for making all things beautiful!

UNKNOWN said...

That video is so cute!!!!!! Annie's gotta learn how to hold on to the handles. :)))))

Annie Sullivan said...

And THAT'S the next prayer request: Learning to hold onto the handles!!


Lynn said...

That is a pretty cool trike that Annie has. I am sure she will love to ride it all summer long.

God Bless and Take Care

Anonymous said...

The proud Papa Bear came into the office today and made sure we all saw the video. Good choice of song! Kiss Annie and tell her hi for me!

Love, Patti

Cousin Lorraine said...

Go Annie! You're riding in style now. Gracie and Aileen need new bikes so you've inspired a new round of them asking for just that! We're all very proud of you and are praying for you. Hope you will enjoy you're new swing too!
Love and blessings from our Great Creator and Savior to your home and family, your cousins, Lorraine, Grace, Aileen and Tyler

Anonymous said...

Now that is one cool set of wheels... and woo hoo check out that chick on the bike! Not everybody has a shirt that matches their ride! :) This the hottest movie of the season!! :) Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!

Sue Powell