Friday, August 10, 2007

Annie had a good day today, even with her stress-dose 'roid attitude. She has kept everything in her tummy since our fiasco in the ER on Tuesday, and today took her first step by herself while working with OT Beth. She also graduated from the syringe to a sippy cup today. Hooray! It'll take me a few days to get up the nerve to use it more often than the syringe, and as with everything, I'm usually the speedbump to her next step forward.

I was reading in an online article about recovery from brain injuries that some people who don't live with their families actually fare better than those who do, because their mom isn't doing everything for them. Like Beth says, "Sometimes help isn't help." Something else I need to be aware of and pray for--wisdom to know when to let Annie struggle and when to do it for her.


Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,

“ This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left. Isaiah 31:21


Anonymous said...

Jean and all,

Thank you for the update. How exciting!

Did you happen to see 20/20 last Friday night, August 3rd? Part of it was about a girl who survived a traumatic brain injury about 6 years ago, if I remember correctly. I think she was in a coma for 6 weeks. She was expected to remain in a persistent vegetative state. Though she does have residual problems, from what I could tell some speech and motor difficulties; today she is a beautiful woman who walks, talks, gives motivational speeches, is married and has a baby. Her mother shared how when the injury occurred, all she could think of to do was pray. Her mother was very supportive and instrumental in encouraging her in her recovery. The young woman shared that there had come a time when she felt she was as good as she was going to get and discontinued therapy. However, once she had her baby she decided she was not done and wanted to work more on being all she could be for her baby. She re-entered therapy. The program was very informative. The program shared how brain injury patients show the most improvement in the first 6 months to 2 years post injury, but that with continued therapy some continue and continue to improve. It was a very heart warming and wonderful piece. If you didn't see it you might want to see if you can get a transcript or something. It was on ABC last Friday at 10 pm. And if 900 other people already told you about this................nevermind!
Terri W

Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Terri--I'll look for it. If anyone else has the info about it, send it to me. And, thanks, Terri, for your input & support. It means alot coming from a pediatric nurse, and my best-former-next-door-neighbor!

Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

copy and paste the link from 20/20


Gretchen said...

"as with everything, I'm usually the speedbump to her next step forward"

I don't think you corner the market on this, my friend. :) Those of us whose kids don't have brain injuries are also pretty speed bumpy at times. We all need the wisdom to know when to let them struggle and when to intervene. I call it the push-pull dilemma. There are days when I'm right in the backyard eatin' worms, too. :)

Thanks for the updates. I"m glad Rebecca got to be with you.

I pray for your rest and your peace. You are a fantastic mother. period.

Tracey said...

Yeah. Period.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what they fact, I am seriously considering sending some of my kids to your house, and 3/4 of them are grown!