Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Annie visits the hospital

Dad and Mom and Annie took a trip to the ER today, because of Annie's high blood pressure. It's been an ongoing issue, but today's conversation with the doctor resulted in this visit. ER's being what they are, the wait was too long. Now that the doctors have seen her, they want to run some tests to try to determine the cause of the hypertension, and then decide on a course of action. Annie will remain there tonight; Bill and Jean will spell each other.

Prayer requests for Annie:
Miraculous healing for Annie. We never stop asking.
Great wisdom, of course, for all the health care personnel who are ministering to Annie.
Easy blood draws when the test is a blood test.
Clear test results that have easy answers...another thing we never stop asking for.
A course of action that works and has NO negative side effects.

Prayer requests for the Sullivan Family:
Rest, peace, strength, confidence for Bill and Jean
Rest, peace, strength, confidence for each Sullivan brother and sister.
Traveling protection for each of the kids while they travel to various places this month.
"home as haven" - that when the family gathers at home, there would be an overarching awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit - a strong fortress and a place of refuge.
Clear thinking - as life goes on, each person in the family has many responsibilities and daily decisions. May each one be protected from fear and confusion; and may each prosper according to God's individual plan.

Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have relieved me in my distress; Have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. Psalm 4:1

God bless you all for your prayers! Rebecca


Anonymous said...

Wow what a roller coaster all of you are on. Know that you are in my prayers tonight.

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are praying...we never quit asking for the cry of your heart...it is ours too! We lift each Sullivan by name knowing that you are dear and on the mind of God Almighty!

The Dinneen's

"I lift up my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot slip- he who watches over you will not slumber....

Psalm 121: 1-3

Tracey said...

You confront Mount Everest every day. That mass of a mountain stands right in front of Annie and the family.

You are all there together, on the trail at the base of the mountain
miles from where you were just a handful of months ago.

And the most amazing thing is
Annie will be able to climb that mountain
without supplemental oxygen.
Not everybody can do that.
It takes a special person
with special people around her,
to encourage, to love and support, and those specialists who know... it takes all of those people around her, around you, to make it possible to climb Mt. Everest
without supplemental oxygen.

And behind you, on the same trail
at the base of the mountain
stand everybody
in love, in support,
to encourage, to buoy
to help where we can
to walk with you (as much as possible)
to be there with you
for you
through the climb
to speak
through the radios of our hearts
from wherever we can be
on that mountain or at Basecamp,
every step of the way.

There are plateaus along the route
and there will be storms
but when you climb Mt. Everest
you expect the plateaus
and you prepare for the storms.
And when they come,
for it is when on that mountain
not if
when the storms come,
you hunker down.
You cover up.
You brace yourself.
You huddle together
until the storm passes and you resume the climb.

And then, there will be that day
when you reach the summit.

It seems like a small area on top of the world
just big enough for a family of nine to stand
hand in hand
having accomplished
one of the greatest, most challenging
most rewarding feats

A long, hard climb, arduous at times.
But possible.
And Who makes it possible?
The very One who made the mountain.

For God is the very mountain He created.
Praise God.
God is good.
God is The Rock.

June, 2007

Gretchen said...

Vickie encompassed my thoughts. I cry out,too. Thank You, Jesus, for the Sullivans.

Gretchen said...

Vickie encompassed my thoughts. I cry out,too. Thank You, Jesus, for the Sullivans.

pam said...

“He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power” Isaiah 40:29

Storming the gates of Heaven in prayer for you....

Anonymous said...

Our continuous prayer...

This is for Annie, Lord
tell me what to say
And this is for You;
there is no other way.

Lord she is precious
she is life, Lord. You see-
made in your image
manifest sanctity.

Lord we beg you
from here on our knees:
Lord heal Annie
bring her back to us, please.

Lord your will
is what we want done.
We ask for a miracle
if ever there was one.

You can do anything
we know that is true.
Lord we lift up Annie
from our knees to you.

Lord if you’re present
when one or two pray
how much more so
when we all join to say
as legions together
though if miles apart
“Lord, please heal her!
Restore this body’s heart!”

Lord it is all about you, we know.
And Lord that’s as it should be.
Lord in your power and mercy, we plead,
please Lord, please, heal our Annie!