Friday, September 7, 2007

School is Cool

Annie's first day at preschool was great. Getting her out the door was a challenge, because the bus came before I had gotten her out of bed, but since the school is right around the corner, and her aide had come to our house to ride on the bus with her, we just finished getting her ready and drove in our van. So her aide, Tonya, and I, strolled her into her classroom, where there were 9 other special-needs kids and a variety of adult helpers, teachers, and therapists. It was a busy place, and Annie seemed to be happy to take it all in. Her teeth grinding "stress outlet" waxed and waned through the morning, but overall, I think she enjoyed watching all the kids. Her teacher, therapist, and Tonya obviously love kids, and I think Annie will form a good bond with them.

At snacktime, Tonya offered her a cracker to taste, but she just wanted to watch her friends eat--she wasn't into the food thing herself. It'll be good for her to have all of the routines of school: the ride on the bus, the playtime, games, circle-time of songs, snack-time, sitting on the potty time. Routines that'll help her move along in her development.

School is Monday-Thursday in the mornings. Today we're off to Children's again to see the neurologist. I'm thinking it would be a good day for God to heal Annie.


“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?" Jeremiah 32:27


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean...
I love thinking about Annie at school! You are always in my prayers...Annie and your family continue to be an amazing source of encouragement and example of grace. I will look for you today at Children's!
Rebecca Brown

Gretchen said...

Hi Jean,

I think it's a GREAT day for God to heal her. I second that. :)

Loved hearing about her day.

aunt rebecca said...

OK - now you can begin to introduce her to folks like this
"This is my daughter, Annie, the Princess"
She is a Princess...and we are all loving her!
And thank you, Lord, for bringing Tonya into our lives...please bless her in all she endeavors, and give her great insight into the children she cares for...especially Annie!
aunt rebecca

Anonymous said...

Woohooo so happy to hear that school went so well for Annie! Yep... this would indeed be a good day for God heal her! :)

Sue Powell