Saturday, November 10, 2007


The SPU Golf Tournament is today, and I see out the window that it's pouring down golf balls. I guess that's why they carry those big umbrellas, and I'm sure we'll have a great time in spite of the rain. Kudos to Alexandra, Allyson, Meredith and Sara for all their leadership, teamwork, and organization in bringing it all together. I know many families at Children's Hospital will be blessed through the generosity of the participants. Thank You All!!

We are going to wrap Annie up in a big blanket and drive down to the golf club soon, so I'll make this short. We had a good week as far as physical progress: she was up on all fours at least 5 different times for about 15-30 seconds each at her OT appointment on Thursday. Getting up on hands and knees was a major milestone. Hooray!

She also is following commands more--she was playing with a spinning noisey toy with her hands, and when it got out of her reach, I told her she could still play with it with her feet. So she spun it with her toes. When she pushed it too far to reach it, I told her that if she scooted closer to it, she could still get it. She almost imperceptably scooted forward, and then was able to spin it again with her toes. She's just a regular smarty-pants.

The downside this week has been her insomnia, and her frequent--at least 10 a day--seizures. The doctor is ordering another EEG to try to figure out the next steps. I would appreciate your prayers about that--that she would sleep, and that her seizures would stop!



You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you.

Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal. Isaiah 26:3-4


aunt rebecca said...

we'll all be so thrilled to hear the answer to your prayers for sleep increase and seizure decrease (like to zero!)

I second the thanks to Alexandra, Allyson, Meredith and Sara! When you do something like this golf tournament, you just never know all the people who will be helped and blessed by your faithfulness to God. Well, maybe you'll know someday, ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, God, You are so see your healing in Annie is so Incredible. I am smiling, and bursting with hear the changes in the last few days....BIG changes in the "therapy world"...reaching, using both hands - to one side!, up on all fours, seeing more, using her feet, scooting...enough desire and motivation to move toward toys! I am amazed at how complex and incredible we are made.
Love to all of you.
Woohoooooooo! I know there's a ways to go...but it's so clear that pathways are connecting in her brain...I'll continue to pray for perseverance, stamina, and courage to get through each day (and night).

Anonymous said...

God, thank You sooooooooo much that we are seeing such huge steps of progress in Annie and that she is making more and more "connections" with the world around here and the huge indications that her brain is more and more "connecting the dots." Oh Lord, we ask that You would heal the seizures and provide much needed sleep for Annie and her family. Help her to find ways to express herself instead of screaming. And calm the fears and frustrations that are behind the screams; it must be SO hard for her not to be able to share her wants and needs. We honor and praise You, Father, for all the healing You are providing in her little life, and ask You to please keep it up... and God, we would appreciate it if you would "hurry" a bit. :)

Sue Powell