Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just a quick update--after celebrating Uncle Jeff and Cathy's wedding in Tennessee this weekend, I'm home, exhausted, and happy to be back with Bill & the kids. Bill held down the fort while my siblings and I got to spend some time together at this momentous occasion--a grand time was had by all, and we wish Jeff and Cathy the best life ever.

Bill said that Annie did something interesting while I was gone--instead of just sitting up in bed in the middle of the night and maybe coughing or gagging to get his attention, she just laid in bed and cried. Just a little different, and more aware--more like the old Annie. She also had a little "sympathy" crying this evening...I was talking to Bill about the wedding and I started to cry, (I do that alot lately), and then Annie started to cry too! Hmm.

She's still struggling with nausea, vomiting and not-so-good sleeping. Last week her sleeping was great, but last night she was up 3 times. So--please keep praying for no nausea, no vomiting and lots of sleep. Her blood pressure is fine, and her seizures were about 5 or 6 today, which is an improvement.

Anyway--I'm asleep while writing this, so I'm signing off. Happy Thanksgiving week.



aunt rebecca said...

Maybe we should all just lay in bed and cry from time to time.

Here's praying for REST during this Thanksgiving holiday.

Anonymous said...

Let His hand cradle you
as you weep
May the rhythm of His heart for you
rock you gently to sleep

As you lay in the grasp
of His love so strong
may you feel Him weeping with you
all along

Know that He sheds holy tears
for He feels your heart's dismay
May you find rest this night
in the words He speaks today.

And as we cry together
for the pain our loved ones feel
Know those tears are cleansing
for the heart that they reveal.

Let us collapse in kind
as we walk quietly beside
let us seek and find
Comfort's ride
In the hand which cradles us
and rocks us gently to sleep
May you feel love and safety
as we sit with you and weep.


Anonymous said...

Jean... I am so blessed as I read this report. This is HUGE that Annie is starting to have such reactions... the sympathy crying and even just lying in bed and crying. I will keep praying and believing with you that God will continue to heal Annie, and especially now for the nausea, sleeping, etc... that God will help her little system to function properly. You are in my prayers tonight as always!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad Jean got to get away and spend sweet time with family. Yay Bill for holding down the fort. You guys definitely have "the right stuff".
It sounds like Annie is getting more in touch with her feelings. Way cool!
A happy and restful Thanksgiving to the Sullivans (and everybody!!!).
Continuing love and prayers,
Terri W