Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More sleep!

Last night was the 4th night in a row Annie has slept through the night--this is just a huge answer to prayer. Even though we went up on her seizure med dose, and she was bouncing off the walls in the evening, when we put her in bed around 9 PM, she went to sleep and stayed asleep. Thank you for praying and thank you, Lord, for answering!

We went to Children's yesterday for flu shots for Annie, Jack & Olivia (I couldn't get everyone this time), and for a nephrology appointment to follow up on her high blood pressure. The doc sent us home with a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring device that checks her BP every 30 minutes. She even slept through that! What this may tell us is the relationship between her seizures and her high blood pressure--maybe that her hypertension is causing the seizures...or that the seizures are causing the hypertension. We'll see. The data may not show any clear cause and effect.

Well--thanks again so much for praying for her sleep. Please keep praying!



Gretchen said...

Thank You, Jesus for answering the prayer for sleep! Wahoo! Thank You also that Bill and Jean can monitor Annie's bp and look for patterns of behavior/symptoms to narrow down the best balance of treatment for Annie. I pray for cont'd wisdom and endurance. I also pray that You would refresh the Sullivans. This has been a long year. Bless them in an amazing way today, I pray. In Jesus' name. Amen.


Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Gretchen--it HAS been a long year.

I had a dream last night that Annie began talking. I don't know why I keep having those dreams. Then I woke up because I thought I heard someone say her name. It was so clear. So I asked Bill if he heard it, and of course, because he was sleeping, he didn't hear a thing, except my question which woke him up. I'm sure he thought I must be hallucinating or something.


Tracey said...

Well, if Bill had been awake when you were like he should have been, your question wouldn't have awakened him! And...then he might have heard it too! (Tree... forest...no one there...sound?)

That'll teach 'im!

Here's a little lullaby I wrote for Annie...not...

God rest ye little Annie
and sleep ye through the night
remember all God's chil'en
without it won't be right

So give yer ma and pa a break
wake only in the morn
then you'll all be a happier fam'ly
yes you all will be a happier fam'ly.

(Sung to the tune of...)

Rest, peace, sleep, love.


pam said...

Jean, you're having those dreams because it is foremost on your heart, to hear her sweet voice again. And the voice you heard....I'm certain it was real (whether Bill heard it or not) and gives me goosebumps to know that you are living/watching/participating in a miracle! Hallelujah!

Gretchen said...

I agree with pam!

Anonymous said...

May God be calling Annie.
Perhaps the sound you heard
was the call to a little sheep
from her Shepherd.

May she respond, we pray
for this new awakening
May she hear His voice and listen
as He speaks her name through you.

May your dreams be sweet refrains
of voices long not heard
may she call by His own hand
through the miracles He'll do.

We pray, Lord, let Annie speak
We pray, Lord, for her healing
We praise You for what You have chosen to do thus far
And we pray for Your final grace and mercy, that You would heal her.
We pray that You would fill their dreams with sweetness and light
that should they awaken from a dream
in the middle of the night
that it be that You have spoken.

May they know the truth of dreams, Lord
the clarity they can bring
the power and message of dreams
they are not imagining.

For You can speak as well in sleep
as in the light of day
Speak into Annie, Lord of life
and let her simply say



Annie Sullivan said...