Monday, January 14, 2008

If all goes well, Annie should begin the Ketogenic diet sometime in February or early March. She may be the first kiddo with Addison's who's been on the diet. Always writing the book, here, you know. I guess that's a common thing at Children's--lots of kids who are medical mysteries hang out there. Today we were there for a quick check-up in the Nephrology clinic. Her blood pressure tends to still be on the high side, but we're working on that, and will probably adjust her medicine again.

She had a good day today--again--and continues to be more connected in her responses and eye contact. Her eyes track more quickly to people and conversations, and she smiles easily when I talk to her. It's just so good to see her facial expression return.

Millie, the Boston terror, continues to convalesce, in spite of her occasional outbursts of running and jumping at her Sullivan litter mates. The vet asked me if I was keeping her immobile. Uh, I didn't know I was supposed to. Confining her to her crate for long periods of time seems inhumane...but putting crutches under her arms and telling her to stay off her feet does too. It hasn't taken her long to find the soft spot in our hearts.

It's supposed to snow tonight. Of course the kids want to stay up to make sure it does so they can sleep in tomorrow.


Though we are burdened with the greatness of our need, so that our prayers are not even articulate, yet in such "inarticulate sighs" the Spirit "intercedes for us." ... C. Harold Dodd, The Meaning of Paul for Today


Gretchen said...

Jean, you are quite a writer. Me thinks this blog may be the start of a book...Who knows?

Continuing to pray for "our" girl. Great news about the diet. Even better news about all these "good days" and the increase in facial expression. God is so good.

Annie Sullivan said...

Well, with fans like you, Gretchen, maybe I should write one.:) Thanks for your posts--and faithful prayers.

Annie had a rough 1st half of the day--she was not into therapy at all, and loudly resisted practicing "scooting" her rear-end around the floor. But this evening when I was getting her into her bath, she "scooted" from the stool onto the tub just like Beth had shown her how to do. Hooray!